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When the pen arrives...
February 8, 2016
When the pen arrives at your hands, you begin to see that this pen is a very high quality pen. I have some very expensive pens whose quality is lower than this pen. The high amount of ink that it can fill, is a very well machined mechanism, and all the pen is a work of art. My medium nib writes very smooth. Ink flows very well, not too much, and is not dry. The pen is big, not so big as huge, but this is a big pen. I would rate it as medium size. And the most important thing, after writing, is the amount you have to pay for the pen, it is a very economical pen and you can start to collect pens with this pen, as it is recommended that newbies don't start with a bad pen. A good pen can be a $3 pen, and also a $900 pen. If you start collecting with this pen, you will have a positive entrance to the hobby. And, please write much!
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It always seemed to me...
August 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
It always seemed to me that Ohto is a very quality brand. Those nice photos from Jetpens.com are very nice. I am a pen and pencil collector, so the day came when I could order an Ohto fountain pen, and I ordered a beautiful Ohto Dude blue with a fine nib. I was not dissapointed. The pen writes superb, and it has a very fine quality look, just as the photos in Jetpens look. I have been using the pen now for about a month and it has never failed me. I use a converter and Noodler's black ink. I have many expensive pens and this Ohto looks like the expensive ones. If you like to test a quality pen, you will not repent if you buy one of these.
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