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Excellent pencil. I...
September 5, 2013
Excellent pencil. I own 6 or so .7mm pencils (including the outstanding Rotring 600) and still the one I keep coming back to is the Graph 1000. It is, IMO, what a good drafting pencil should look like. The nice ".7" on the cap end makes sure that I know exactly which pencil I'm grabbing. My only negative is that I wish it had more "heft" to it. It would be nice to see the barrel (body) be constructed of brass to give it some authority. Still, hands down, my favorite pencil.
This is my new favorite...
January 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is my new favorite memo pad. Ok well at least my new favorite 3.5 x 5 pad. The cover on these pads it nearly twice as thick as similar pads. This gives it a nice rigid feel and will help with durability. The sheets are pretty smooth with only a slight texture to them and the accept all forms of pencil and ink without a problem. But the most unique aspect is the sheet grid. There are both major grids (.5" spacing) and minor girds (.1667" spacing). I'm not sure how much this matters but it is certainly visually pleasing. I only wish JetPens would offer these in bundles of 3 or more.
Pros: Nice weight; mine...
December 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
Pros: Nice weight; mine weights about 22.5 g empty (no lead). Nice design; I actually like the "regulator" feature which surprises me

Cons: It's a little to bulky for me as I prefer slimmer writing instruments. The knurled grip is almost useless as it is way too smooth.

Overall: I like it and will us it often but probably wouldn't purchase another.
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