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Gorgeous pen and very...
February 13, 2016
Verified Purchase
Gorgeous pen and very distinctive. I chose red because it stands out among the black and gray colors that I'm used to. The red body is a distinctive look and will definitely stand out for any pen connoisseur. The pen itself writes beautifully and seamlessly, the ink comes out wonderfully. I chose this pen based on The Pen Addict's Blog and as with many suggestions he's made that I've purchased, I'm very happy with this purchase. This is the pen I choose to carry around for all my day to day affairs.
Top notch item! Hats...
February 16, 2012
Verified Purchase
Top notch item! Hats off to this particular creation!

I'm a student who has to carry around a bunch of items and just like anyone else, consolidation is key.

Well I wanted to see how this pencil case would stand up to the challenge and what kind of items I could stuff in it.

The zipper pocket could fit an iphone or ipod easily and have a little roof left over for small headphones.

The flap pocket underneath was able to hold my garmin nuvi GPS (I don't like leaving this in the car, heat kills the battery) and I was able to hold the cords in my main pocket.

The main pocket was able to hold 15-20 pens with pencils, erasers, and extra lead combined with a notepad and even my dice bag (a bag of dice I use for games.) I was able to stuff my wallet in there as well. Oh and I can stuff my keys in easily.

So instead of having to carry 4-5 individual items (GPS, Wallet, iphone, note, pencils, etc) I can stuff them all into this and carry it safely without fear of it dropping out.

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A Delightful color and...
March 8, 2008
A Delightful color and as great as any of the other cases! I have 2 myself and each can hold a plentiful of stationery items for any sketcher or if your like me; writer.

I carry around about 14 pens(6 Hi-Tec and 8 Signo DX), a BOXY eraser, 2 lead containers and 1 mechanical pencil; only around that amount does it start getting a little big, but I doubt most people need to carry around THAT many items!!
This eraser is about...
February 28, 2008
Verified Purchase
This eraser is about half the size of my standard Mars Staelder and obviously comes in a different color.

The eraser is softer than most, it's very flexible and bends, but that's not the main point of it aside from that it is very precise as an eraser.

It's black of course, so it dosen't seem like it becomes dirty like white erasers and always seems to maintain that new package look.

But the main point is, it's a very good eraser, soft and very easy to erase with and it erases very well and it does not make a mess.

I first used magic rubs, then moved onto Pentel erasers, then moved onto Mars Staedlers, and now these. I have yet to try Pilot Foam erasers, but I doubt they'll top the Uni-ball Mitsubishi BOXY Eraser.
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I bought this pencil...
February 16, 2008
I bought this pencil under impulse mainly because I was sick and tired of my old Zebra 0.5mm mechanical pencils that kept shattering my lead under any form of pressure, an extreme hassle when trying to write very detailed Kanji or Korean characters. I upgraded to this pencil and it was a dream, so much that my friends who were initially skeptical, later was won over by this very same pencil. This pencil is a great drafting pencil, but I do very little sketching or drafting since I'm not an artist nor an engineer. I'm simply a person with a lot of letters to write. The grip is fantastic, it'll never slip, the pencil is heavier than most but I prefer it that way for the center of balance. The design is very well done and it's a lovely mesh of metal, but above all it's very distinct, people stare at if it were from another world. But by far the most important feature of this pencil is it's extended pencil sleeve, if you look at the very fine tip, the sleeve is longer than most, double my old zebra. This allows for lead to not break under pressure and allows for a much faster flow of writing. Since using this pencil for several months, it's been brutalized through dozens of philosophy tests, countless Korean/Japanese letters, and just English in itself, and it never flinched.
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I've used several types...
February 16, 2008
Verified Purchase
I've used several types of lead from Pentel super polymer to premium and then uni-ball and etc other companies. I stumbled across the Ain B as a gift from a friend and I was sold. I use a graph gear 1000 (A Pentel drafting pencil), and with this lead I was able to get a smoother flow of writing in English, Japanese, and Korean. I could make finer details, but most importantly of all it rarely, if ever, broke under any sort of pressure. Make note of this when you have to write a 6 page Philosophy test in 50 min!!
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How much lead is in each...
February 16, 2008
How much lead is in each package? I've used the Super polymer versions but never the Ain, though I've used other Ain leads and I can attest that their stronger than their Super cousins and come in greater quantities, which make it easier for me to carry around. I use a graph gear 1000, personally I think the finest pencil to use with Pentel lead and using this lead is similar to using a colored pencil, but with far more control and vastly finer details. The lead is great for art sketches, writing, or just plain notes!
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This case was compact...
February 3, 2008
Verified Purchase
This case was compact and efficient, it carried all my sketching pencils, pens, erasers, and about a dozen cases of lead. It was a joy to have on my desk due to it's standing feature and was very easy to carry around. I wish to see you guys have it in stock soon so I can buy a few more!!
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