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Reviews Written by wmcam2012

June 16, 2012
This pen has a wonderful...
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This pen has a wonderful feel, stylish, high quality chrome plating and the ink is bar-none, excellent. The cartridge is to be rivaled with pens ten times the price. Quick drying time, the black is blacker, no drag, super-sensitivity for effortless writing. The pen is a cool breeze and it doesn't feel like plastic— it's resin. Also a very well balanced weight and feel in-hand. The only area of concern is that it's threaded, one full turn counter-clockwise removes the cap in a cinch, but when writing you feel the exposed threads on the pen. Smaller in size than I anticipated, with the body drilled a tad off center, which doesn't impede its writing ability. Beautifully boxed, a classic high quality pen at a reasonable price.

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June 7, 2012
I will not buy another...
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I will not buy another Lamy plastic pen or pencil due to inferior molding.

June 7, 2012
The pencil has great...
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The pencil has great feel and execution but there are seems [ridges] along both sides of the body due to inferior molding which is a major disappointment. Both, my Safari [yellow] Rollerball and Mechanical Pencil show seems, but the pencil [also yellow] being much worse, to the point of cutting/catching into my hand and fingers. I like the feel and ergonomic design of these LAMY pens— they are top shelf, but the pretty die-cut box it arrives in does not make up for the lack of detail [mold flashing] along the body. It's unacceptable at this price point and should be taken up with the manufacturer, under advisement.