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Reviews Written by restlesscourage

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Kaweco Squeeze Fountain Pen Converter for Sport Series - KAWECO 10000654
  It's nice to be able..., July 28, 2014
It's nice to be able to use bottled ink with my Kaweco. I love that part.

What I don't love is the fact that it doesn't actually suck ink up if you submerse the nib of the pen and squeeze this converter.

I fill with a syringe and it works fine.
Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Green Body - KAWECO 10000075
  I love this pen. I've..., July 28, 2014
I love this pen.

I've had it for nearly a year now. It comes with me everywhere, either in a pants or shirt pocket. It's never leaked (aside from burping into the cap when I flew with it, and the ink all stayed in the top of the cap). The nib is as smooth as my more expensive/"better" pens. It's not super fine, but it's fine enough that I use it in my pocket notebooks without any trouble. It's not too wet, not to dry. It's not the prettiest pen I own, and it's not my favorite (that honor is reserved for my Lamy Studio), but it's the one that I trust to always be there, ready to write when I need it.

Occasionally I think about getting a second one of these. But what's the point? This fills my needs perfectly.
Doane Paper Grid + Lines Utility Notebook - Small - Garage Series - Pack of 3 - DOANE PAPER 010
  Awesome notebooks! I..., July 28, 2014
Awesome notebooks! I got them to use in my traveler's notebook setup, and I've been very impressed with the paper performance. I've been using a fine-nibbed Kaweco Ice Sport fountain pen loaded with a Kaweco brown cartridge, and aside from the moments when I've lingered a few seconds or run over a line too many times, there's been no bleed and very little show-through.

I know the grid+lines setup is Doane's thing, but if this paper existed in a blank version or dot grid version as well, I'd be all over that. As it is, I'm still liking the notebooks.
Parker IM Fountain Pen with Gold Trim - Medium Nib - Black - SANFORD 1760800
  I received this pen as..., December 29, 2012
I received this pen as a Christmas gift, and have barely been able to put it down since I inked it up! (I am using the pen with the recommended converter so that I can use bottled ink.)

It is a smooth writer, wet but not gushing. Occasionally a hard starter if I pause too long thinking about what to write next, but only the first letter or so is affected. I write fairly small, and had assumed that I would prefer a fine nib, but this medium suits my writing style just fine, and writes like butter once it gets going.

I'm a Parker convert for life after this pen.
J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge - Perle Noire (Pearl Black) - Pack of 6 - J. HERBIN H201-09
  This is a very decent..., December 4, 2012
This is a very decent and well-behaved ink. I'd prefer a slightly darker black, but it's not bad, really. In my Ohto Rook it started up right away, flowed consistently (I think any inconsistency was probably due to my impatience and the fact that I didn't bother to clean up the pen before writing), and laid down a very pleasing line. The best part is that it's not bleeding through either a pocket Moleskine cahier or a Field Notes journal with this pen (wider, wetter nibbed pens' results may vary).
Ohto Rook Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Black Green Body - OHTO FF10RO-BG
  This is a fine little..., December 4, 2012
This is a fine little pen! And when I say "little," I mean LITTLE. It's super tiny, but quite comfortable to write with when posted, at least for my smallish hands. The cap snaps securely onto the pen, and holds well when posted, also, so you don't need to worry about it flying off.

The only thing keeping this pen from getting full stars was that I had to carefully adjust how the feed and nib lined up before I started writing. Didn't take long, but I was worried I would break it, as this is my first foray into the fountain pen world.

It's a pity it won't take a converter (truly, even a mini-converter would be too long), but for now I'm liking the J. Herbin Perle Noire cartridge I have loaded in it.
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