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Reviews Written by ekove

October 31, 2008
If you use mechanical...
If you use mechanical pencils a lot of sketching this is the set to go for. Even though a little pricey, the graphgear is easily the best mechanical pencil I've ever used, I carry the 0.5mm with me everywhere, and I got a couple of comments from my peers at design school for both it's look and functionality.

The best pencil out there, period.

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October 31, 2008
The plastic feels way...
The plastic feels way too cheap. This pen also feels a little too light to be comfortable to write with, at least for me. Also the 0.3mm refills aren't so comfortable to write with, you can feel the metallic tip fighting against the surface, unlike the regular hi-tec-c 0.3mm. I'm gonna give it another try with 0.4 mm to see if it gets any better..

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October 23, 2008
This is an awesome pen....
This is an awesome pen. When I found the hi-tec-c, I thought I found the best gel ink pen out there only to be later surprised by the Pentel slicci. This pain glides extremely smooth against the paper, especially considering it's fine tip but at the same time it's not one of those "wet" pens. It has a plastic grip though and I still prefer the hi-tec-c's ink, (I haven't tried the slicci's black yet to really judge which is better) but it still rivals it. I recommend giving this pen a shot.

October 23, 2008
This pen wasn't as good...
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This pen wasn't as good as the 0.4mm original hi-tec-c. To begin with, the grip is cheap and no good, period. Also, the tip isn't that comfortable while drawing with, it keeps piercing through my paper, I know it is a thin one but I haven't had this problem with any other 0.3mm from any respectable brand. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because it still has the same nice ink as 0.4mm. I recommend just sticking to the 0.4mm, it doesn't make that much of a difference anyway if you're just using it for sketching/writing.

October 23, 2008
The .5mm from the same...
The .5mm from the same series is by far my favorite mechanical pencil. While the 0.3mm has all of it's advantages (sleek design, nice grip, good balance), The 0.3mm didn't seem as heavy duty to me, it kept going weird on me and sometimes the lead would get stuck inside after only 3 times of use, this seems to be common with thin lead pencils but I didn't expect that from pentel. It might be just the one I got though...I still recommend it over other 0.3mm's

October 23, 2008
I fell in love with this...
I fell in love with this pencil right away. Great balance, elegant design and a very comfortable grip combining the advantages of both rubber and metal. I carry this pencil with my sketchbook everywhere and the retractable tip means no stabbing myself. This is definitely my favorite mechanical pencil (and I have a LOT). I'm convinced that pentel makes the best mechanical pencils and the best lead too. I only wish it was a little cheaper so I can have one for H and one for 2B leads. Still very worth the price.

October 21, 2008
Awesome mechanical pencil,...
Awesome mechanical pencil, comes in H and HB. The grip is decent (feels a like a cheaper pencil when held but no big deal). I prefer this over the 0.3mm, Pentel really pulled this one out. The 0.2mm don't break that easy. The only problem I had with it is after approx 2 months it simply died on me, I'm guessing a tiny broken piece of lead got stuck inside somewhere and I can't seem to manage to fix it. This has happened to me before with a 0.3mm, but I didn't expect that to happen with pentel.

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