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Reviews Written by isaac_south

November 4, 2009
Absolutely, 100%, No...
Absolutely, 100%, No Question......The best pencil my hands have ever used. First of all, it's elegant design. When you pull this thing out in a meeting, people notice it. It also looks great in a shirt pocket. Secondly, the way it writes. I have never written with a smoother pencil. And believe me, I am a pencil freak. I'm an accountant so a good pencil is very important to me. You WILL NOT be disappointed if you purchase this pencil.

November 4, 2009
Great Pen. None of the...
Great Pen. None of the colors are dull. They pen actually writes smoother than I would imagine. Having the advent of 5 uses in one pen, you might think you would have to give up something. But actually, this pen is awesome. It's very durable and writes great. Good purchase.

November 4, 2009
This pencil writes very...
This pencil writes very well. However it has a tendency to slip through my fingers easily. Theirs no grip. Merely the shaft is all you have to grip to. My hands are always dry, which probably doesn't help. But I can't seem to get that good grip that I always want. Other than that, this pencil is wonderful.

July 15, 2009
I purchased the yellow,...
Verified Purchase
I purchased the yellow, blue, and green version of this highlighter. They are amazing. They do erase perfectly. I have had zero trouble erasing anything after I highlight it. If i had to give one small tiny negative thing about this highlighter I would say that the yellow one is a bit darker than most regular highlighters. I prefer one that is very bright yellow. The other colors are perfect, and you should definitely purchase a few of these.

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