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Reviews Written by lilpeacey

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Pentel Sliccies 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen Body Component - Sky Blue - PENTEL BG3-S
  Updating my previous..., April 7, 2012
Updating my previous review - the upper half of mine has become cracked right where the bottom screws in, so it won't hold tightly and instead comes unscrewed. The light plastic used for this isn't very durable, but you get what you pay for. I could have kept mine alive a while longer with tape and patience, but I'm trading up to the uniball style fit line instead - I prefer the flow and smooth feel of their gel inks. The feel of this pen is nice and light and it isn't clunky in a pencil bag, but it isn't too durable.
If you find yourself looking at the style fit line, the cartridges are compatible - you just have to use small pliers to pull out the plastic nibs at the top of the slicci cartridges and put them in the style fit ones, since the nibs on the slicci cartridges actually attach them to the pen body. The slicci cartridges work in style fit bodies once the plastic bit has been removed.
Uni Style Fit Single Color Slim Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Blue Black - UNI UMN13938.64
  These are fantastic...., February 25, 2012
These are fantastic. I can't stop buying them. The color is extremely pleasant - subtly different and just so nice to look at. The writing experience is amazing. These feel so smooth to write with, never scratchy, they never skip. These don't dump ink onto the page but they don't act dry either. There's a genius little nub on the side that helps keep them from rolling away, though this won't quite save them from a bump on a sloped desk . I find them to be comfortable but they're so slim that other people may not agree. The writing experience, at this price, is worth a shot. I wasn't a pen person until I found these.
Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Pencil Case - Black - KOKUYO F-WBF115D
  Great little handy thing...., February 25, 2012
Great little handy thing. I bought this to dodge my previous problem of having so many pencils stuffed in one bag that I'd always have to go digging for things. This works beautifully and carries just what I need along with some extras. Contents as of now: 1 6-inch ruler, 3 drafting pencils, 1 container of Ain lead, 2 small eraser refill tubes, 1 Tuff Stuff knock eraser, 1 Pilot envelope addressing pen, 1 Zebra brush pen, 1 3-color Slicci multipen, 2 Style Fit single slim pens, and a Boxy eraser that fits in the gap between the pens and the top of the case. Works just as advertised and has protective shell-like sides and a small footprint on my desk. My one issue is that the zipper does tend to get stuck at the top because of the way the end of the zipper track tucks into the case and dangles loose there - you have to pinch the top while beginning to zip it closed. This could be remedied by a few stitches or a dab of good glue.

Overall a nice solid case that does exactly what I want it to. I've had it for a while now and abused it in an overstuffed bookbag - it hasn't taken a bit of damage. You're paying for very solid construction.
Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.38 mm - Blue Black - UNI UMR10938.64
  Exactly what I needed...., February 4, 2012
Exactly what I needed. The Style Fit pens are a dream to write with. I was worried this wouldn't be the right color, but it is indeed the dark blue black I've grown to love. Writes smoothly, awesome color, is packaged neatly and safely, easy to replace. No complaints.
Pentel Graph 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - Orange Body - PENTEL PG603-F
  This pencil is a little..., January 17, 2012
This pencil is a little clicky - the lead sleeve clacks around when it's jostled. This isn't an issue but it's a little bothersome during tests and other quiet environments. It doesn't make noise during normal writing, just when it's flipped to erase, etc. The grip is comfortable and weighted well - it's not too heavy or too light (I've stabbed myself by dropping my Alvin Draftmatic point down... this pencil isn't weighty enough for that) and it offers a more substantial feel without an uncomfortable knurled grip. My one big complaint is that the color isn't as depicted. I was expecting a deep designer red orange, I would describe this color more as carrot. It's more towards yellow than red. I own the blue one as well and find it much more pleasing to the eye. Either way this is a nice deviation from the boring looking drafting pencils and it has a solid spot in my pencil case, mostly for its weight and grip comfort.
Kuretake Craft Glue Pen - KURETAKE KK61-43
  This thing is awesome...., November 14, 2011
This thing is awesome. I use it with the Kuretake envelope template and they're a dream together. You have great control over how much glue you put down and it really doesn't throw any fits. It happily glues most paper with only a second or two of pressing to let it settle in and then it STAYS. I've used it to glue tiny envelopes made from thick, glossy, glittery cardstock and all it asks for is some more time with pressure applied. Once that was done, it stayed. I'm back on this page to grab another one, because making things has been so quick and easy I'm sure I'm going to go through it soon. This makes my Zig glue pen look like a toy.
Sun-Star Mignon Mini Twist Eraser - White Body - SUN-STAR 4204662
  It's cute, it's useful,..., November 8, 2011
It's cute, it's useful, it's cheap. Overall a good little portable eraser. I find that the eraser tries to retreat into its casing a little with a bit of pressure, so it might occasionally need twisted back up. The actual erasing quality is pretty good. However, I keep finding myself reaching for my pilot foam eraser over this.
Pentel Stein Enhanced Silica Pencil Lead - 0.3 mm - 2B - PENTEL C273-2B
  Ridiculously smooth...., November 8, 2011
Ridiculously smooth. I was really skeptical there would be much of a difference between lead brands, and I was very wrong. These just glide over the paper. They do wear down a bit quickly, but this is to be expected of 0.3mm 2B lead. It's very worth the wonderful writing experience. My other 0.3mm leads in B tend to snag the tiniest bit on regular printer or notebook paper. There's absolutely none of that in these. Very nice.
Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - Fine / Bold - 5 Mild & Fluorescent Color Set - ZEBRA WKT7-5C
  These are awesome. I..., November 8, 2011
These are awesome. I avoided highlighters before due to the irritating nature of the colors, so I was very excited to find these. I'm especially fond of the green. It's a really pretty tealy color, while the rest are more like toned down versions of regular highlighter colors. The chisel side is neat and dainty for small text, which is probably awesome for the textbook highlighters among us, as well as for printed lecture notes, etc. My notes are extra organized and beautiful now. So worth it.
Pilot Foam Eraser - Size 10 - PILOT ER-F10
  This thing is awesome...., November 8, 2011
This thing is awesome. It erases VERY cleanly with super minimal effort and the shavings really do clump up nicely without getting in the way. This is easily my new favorite eraser for how it feels and how easily and thoroughly it erases. It isn't as small as everyone is making it out to be - I'd call it a smallish medium. I haven't had any trouble with crumbling - I feel like maybe some reviewers are pressing too hard. It really erases very well with minimal pressure because of its softness, so I use less pressure with it than I do with my other erasers and I get better results with this one. (To be fair, I'm using it on regular smooth paper, not textured artist's paper.)

In short, buy it. It will find a useful place in your pencil bag.
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