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Reviews Written by antlarson

October 15, 2011
I loved this pen when...
I loved this pen when I had it. Pilot makes some extremely lovely pens with few exceptions. This pen wrote like a dream. It was closer to a fine point than a medium, but that's that way with all Asian pens. But this wrote so smooth. It competed with my other pens of higher price. I only had two problems with this pen. One, whenever I would post the cap, there would be scratch marks on the surface from the cap scraping away the paint of the pen. This was a real turn-off for me. If you don't post your cap, then this shouldn't be an issue. My second problem was the nib itself. One day I was cleaning out the pen and the whole thing fell apart. I mean, literally, the nib fell out of the body of the pen and left the feed behind! I got rid of the body but kept the nib to use with my dip pens. It comes in handy but I miss the pen itself. I wish only that Pilot improves the quality of its lower-end fountain pens in terms of build (writing quality seems to be spot on in most models). In the end, yes, I would still recommend this pen with just a word of caution to be gentle with it.

October 15, 2011
Eh, this pen writes...and...
Verified Purchase
Eh, this pen writes...and it's not scratchy. But those are the only good things about it in my opinion. I bought it over a year ago and used it just a couple of times before I put it in my box of pens that I'm likely not going to use again but which are too cheap to sell. The pen takes a Pelikan converter, but it's not secure. Also, the nib needed serious tweaking before it started flowing the way I liked it (but that's a minor issue as the pen would still conform to your writing preference the longer you use it). But what bothered me the most was that the cap didn't post correctly. It was always lose. The body felt and looked a bit cheap too. I wouldn't make a serious recommendation for this pen. Maybe for a kid who is learning how to write with a fountain pen, but other than that, I'd recommend other pens at this price or cheaper.

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November 29, 2010
Love this pen. I got...
Verified Purchase
Love this pen. I got the medium point and the fine point (both black ink) and I love the way they write. The converter really lets you use any ink you like so these pens are the perfect fountain pens for newbies, but also great for students or those that want a pen to use for quick notes, etc.

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