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Probably the best bang...
April 7, 2013
Probably the best bang for your buck you'll ever have. Well crafted, beautiful and futuristic with the longest knurled grip in any pencil that's currently being produced. (Pilot's own H-109x has its knurling up to 2/3rds of its body, but sadly it has been discontinued and the prices are rising up to Rotring 800 levels)
Great clicking sound, smooth writing experience (probably because the default lead is grade B) and great design.
Two things, though:
1. The knurled grip is a bit too smooth for me. Making it a bit rougher would do no harm. But again, it's personal.
2. Whatever you do, DON'T remove the pocket clip. You will leave scratches on it.
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Having a almost perfect...
April 7, 2013
Having a almost perfect RR500 in my arsenal, I wanted to check out how well the legendary RR600 fares.
They always say, 'Don't write your heroes, you will be disappointed'. This is NOT the case with the RR600. It's even better than I have ever dreamed. A very smooth silver finish. And holding it really is like holding a solid black of hexagonal metal. It is beautiful to behold and the minimalism of the design (the word 'Rotring' only appearing on the removable clip) really does appeal to me.
The writing experience is smooth, very smooth. There really are too much 'just rights' on this product that one cannot hate the RR600. It is indeed very precise and solidly built.
The knurled grip is just right. Not too smooth, not too rough. The only problem is that this HAS to stay home. I've heard too many stories about people who ruined their 600 by dropping it. But as long as one takes care of it, the quality of this gem will outlive me.
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