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This pencil bag was not...
April 29, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pencil bag was not what I hoped. Now I wish I had ordered a Artic Bag, because it performs very poorly.

For girls, this is a must. But in the pictures, the blue was not as bright as the one I recieved, it makes it unsuitable for carrying around in school as I am a boy.

The front small pocket that was supposed to be able to fit an eraser in the picture could not fit my eraser and close properly at the same time; I must keep it inside the main chamber.
The Pilot Opt looks great...
March 11, 2009
Verified Purchase
The Pilot Opt looks great in the photo, but in truth, it's maybe not what I had expected.

First of all, I have to say that the shaking function is great. You do have to shake it a bit hard, but it is my first shaking pencil, so I do not know if that is something that always happens or not.

All my friends love to use it, and some people pretend to have lost their own pencils so they can borrow mine. It really is a great writing utensil.

The pencil is quite large in terms of pencil sizes, the barrel is very fat. Also, the barrel is made of plastic, unlike the rest of the pencil, and from three feet away, people can tell the barrel is not real metal unlike other Zebra pencils I bought.
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