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I recently bought a pack...
July 31, 2013
I recently bought a pack of Field Notes notebooks and, like some of the other reviewers, I loved the paper but hated the durability (or lack thereof) of the covers. Because the paper was so nice, I decided to try a little experiment to increase the durability of the covers. I carefully opened and removed the three staples, and took out the stack of pages. Then I flattened out the cover and laminated it using a standard laminator at my office. I then used a push pin to poke holes in the spine of the cover where the staples would go. Put the pages back in and lined up the staple holes, put staples back in and bent the staples to their original closed position. I now have a laminated cover for my field notes books. They work great. veyr durable, water resistant, and part of my everyday carry. One caveat, the covers are fairly stiff right after being laminated. To solve this, and keep them closed, i purchased some Filed Notes rubber bands from their website although, any rubber band will work. This keeps the closed, and alos provides a handy place to attach my pen to the outside of the notebook. Yes, this process does require some extra work, but these notebooks are far superior in paper quality to a Moleskine, so if think it is worht the extra steps.
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The Signo UM-151 has...
June 16, 2012
Verified Purchase
The Signo UM-151 has quickly become my everyday, go-to pen. The ink flows incredibly smooth, there is no scratchiness, and the ink dries quickly with no bleed on every paper I have used so far. I chose the 0.5mm simply because I had some experience with a store-bought Signo in the 0.38mm size, and I found it a little scratchy for my taste. Obviously, this is a personal choice. I know that many of the reviewers here love the ultra-fineness of the 0.38mm.

I will tell you that the 0.5mm in this pen is unlike any 0.5mm I have used that was purchased from a store in the US. This pen produces a finer line without the scratchiness I usually associate with a fine, metal point. The grip is very comfortable, and this pen has been a joy to write with, even when taking copious notes as I do with my job.

When it comes to color, I have to admit, I love this orange. Is it the most professional color, no. However, I'm not handing my notes into my boss to be graded. I use this color in combination with two others to color code my notes. Also use this to underline and highlight material. Fantastic, bright, yet deep, orange color.

I will definitely be ordering more of these, as I anticipate using them often.
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The ink bleeds out very...
September 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
The ink bleeds out very thick, even from a fine point nib. The pen feels even cheaper than the price tag. The grip is nice, and my wife loves it for use on thick card stock and envelopes, but it is unsuable for note taking and everyday use. Also, and it my be inconsequential to some, the cap will not stay on the back of the pen when in use.
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