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Reviews Written by shblanton

December 12, 2011
I had high hopes for...
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I had high hopes for this pen, but it is a huge disappointment. The roller doesn't start laying ink right away, especially at the beginning of upstrokes, so I keep having to go back and write over my words to correct the missing parts. I wouldn't buy this pen again.

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March 17, 2011
The way I fill my converters...
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The way I fill my converters is to remove them from the pen, and hold the end of the converter into the ink while I unscrew the piston. That saves ink and makes for a lot less mess. However, I found that unlike other converters I've used, this converter doesn't narrow down at the tip, so if you turn it upside down with ink in it, the ink runs out in a gush! Still it works fine with my Prera.

March 17, 2011
I've had this pen for...
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I've had this pen for about a week now. I'm starting to like it a bit better - for me, the nib was so fine that ink would not flow, so I finally slid a thin sheet of plastic between the tines and spread them out just a tad and now it writes well. The grey color is fine for work, and I am now using this pen as my daily carry. It's very solidly constructed, and the lid is secure either capped or posted. All hardware on the pen is solid. I may get another one.

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