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Marvy Le Pen Marker Pen - Fine Point - Blue - MARVY 43030
  This is a great blue..., February 24, 2012
This is a great blue pen, that writes with thin bold blue ink. I love this pen just as much as the black marvy lepen. My only complaint is that the ink takes a while to dry; so make sure to not smudge the ink when writing. But overall this pen is still such a great pen, and everyone should have on of these in their pencil box.
Marvy Le Pen Marker Pen - Fine Point - Black - MARVY 43010
  This is my favorite pen..., February 24, 2012
This is my favorite pen in my pencil box. The body of the pen is so lightweight, and combined with the cap is still small enough to fit in my pocket. I love how thin the whole body is, and yet it fits so much ink. I have written with it every day for months and it still has not run out of ink. The tip is so precise, and the fine tip writes smoothly. And the black ink is bold. My only complaint is that the ink does take a while to dry, so when you write you have to be careful not to cover your writing with your hand; This will cause the ink to smudge. Overall this is such a great pen, I think that everybody should have one of these in their pencil box.
Pilot FriXion Point 04 Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Red - PILOT LF-22P4-R
  Though this red pen is..., February 24, 2012
Though this red pen is very precise in both writing with a needle point, and erasing with the thin cone of frixion rubber; the red ink is too faint for me. A teacher could not use this for grading, because the red is on the light side. Also, the needle point does seem to get clogged sometimes, and not write with a smooth stream. So I personally recommend the frixion nock retractable pens instead.
Pilot FriXion Point 04 Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Black - PILOT LF-22P4-B
  A nice looking black..., February 24, 2012
A nice looking black pen, but the ink on this pen is a light grey. Also, the ink is doesn't always come out in a flowing stream; almost as if it dried up inside the needle point of the pen. But I do like that the needle point tip of the pen makes the writing so thin. Also, I really appreciate the thin cone of frixion rubber on the back of the pen, which allows me to erase small mistakes; and the frixion rubber seems stronger than what is on the frixion nock retractable pens. But overall I like the frixion nock retractable pens better than this.
Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Black - PILOT LFBK-23EF-BB
  This pen comes in a dark..., February 24, 2012
This pen comes in a dark navy blue color. The grip is just a thin layer of silicon, not to be confused as a soft grip. The clip which operated the push mechanism in the pen does fell a little unstable; the clip jiggles as if it may come off. The ink is just a little light for a blue black, but it does erase well. One of the only negative things that I noticed about this pen, is that when I had to erase a large area when I was writing chinese characters on flash cards; the frixion rubber started to wear down on the back, but just a little. This worried me that the rubber might not hold out for a very long time. But overall this is one of the best erasable pens on the market.
Zebra nuSpiral CC Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Grip - ZEBRA BA-51-CBL
  This pen comes in a light..., February 24, 2012
This pen comes in a light royal blue color. The grip on this pen is not as squishy as the uni ball alpha gels are, but it does have a slight squish to it; but still not as soft as the pilot Dr. Grip. It writes smoothly, with a solid medium blue ink. The front cap of the pen is made out of metal, though it may look like cheap plated plastic in the picture; the middle ring, and the clicker are made of the same metal. The clip on the side is practical, and can easily be slipped onto a collar or pocket on a shirt. Also, I do like the translucent body of the pen; and it is well depicted in the picture. Overall a very well designed pen.
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