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this WILL work with the...
April 28, 2010
this WILL work with the dr. grip 4+1 series. all you have to do is take the refill out of your dr grip 4+1 then take the top off of the coleto refill and make sure both are the same height (if the are not, cut with scissors to adjust) then put the coleto refill in the spot of the dr. grip.
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This is a wonderful multi...
April 18, 2010
This is a wonderful multi pen! The pens are really high quality and the pencil works and writes wonderfully. Everything works like it should, however, the black pen marker seems gray to me. But, this is not very important. It's a wonderful multi pen overall and I would definitely recommend it to a friend!
wish it came in 0.5...
March 15, 2010
wish it came in 0.5
can you put a piece of...
March 10, 2010
can you put a piece of paper in the top part. you know you take out the top part and take out the middle stick, and in the other dr. grip pencils the part with the clip is see through and you can put a paper with a design on the and then reassemble the pencil/pen, and you can see that paper with the design through the top part of the barrel. does that work with this pencil too or is it covered by the black?
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