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Superb pencil. I chose...
May 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
Superb pencil. I chose this after weeks of review. It seems a great alternative to some of the Rotrings out there. I've been using one everyday as a student for months, and I really don't have any complaints. The tip retracts like it should, and is relatively stable. There is a very slight amount of play when drawing very small circles, and you can feel it if you play with the tip with your fingers, but when writing it's not noticeable at all. Build quality is fantastic, full metal with the exception of the lead tube which is plastic. But as long as you don't try and forcibly break it, it will last a lifetime I'm sure. There are a few machining marks on it, but overall nothing to complain over.

Overall it's wonderful, it's a joy to use, and I get many compliments from it!
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I had one of these last...
January 20, 2013
I had one of these last year, but someone nicked it whist at school. I was bitterly disappointed as I only had it for a few months. I tried in vain to recover it. So I bought another one the other day which I hope to keep on to for a while!

This pen is built to last. It's solid brass and it shows. I love this pen's simplicity so I haven't had any interest in the clip. The only problem that I've had with the old pen is that the chrome scratches easily. My new one is being babied. It works like advertised in my use, but I can't vouch for it's zero-G properties. If someone wants to launch me into space to allow me to test it, be my guest.

The ink is great, and comes out smooth. Some say that they have to press down really hard to get a bold line but I haven't had the problem, but I tend to write with a heavy hand anyhow. There are some white dots in my writing, but I think any sort of pen would have that problem. It's certainly a cool pen, and I hope to use it on all my exams!

If you buy this pen, you will not be disappointed. If you somehow are, it's backed by a bullet proof warranty so there's nothing to loose!
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