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Reviews Written by piggyncsu

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Pilot FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter - Orange - PILOT SFL-10SL-O
  I work in an office where..., June 12, 2012
I work in an office where I highlight often- whether articles, papers, forms (to show where to sign), as well as on my calendar- so I may need to make edits/change things throughout the day and week. These highlighters are the best for this! They are not very bright (I purchased pink, orange and yellow), but the fact that I can erase them makes them better than any other highlighter ever. They are also incredibly comfortable. I use them with the frixion pens so that I can edit all the information in my calendars.
You do need to let the ink dry for a few minutes before you go to erase, or it will smudge. and I would recommend using the friction pens with the highlighter since they are similar. Using any other pen can be disastrous (incredibly messy markups). If you do use another pen, make sure to write with it first and then highlight, and use a gel pen. The cheap ballpoint pens in most offices have a hard time writing over this ink.
I will say that I use mine so much I did have to re-order them. I would recommend getting several colors and seeing which you like the most, and then ordering more of your favorite- they don't last very long!!
Pentel Tough Name Oil-Based Marker Pen - Fine Point - Black - PENTEL XNM12-A
  I bought this and the..., June 12, 2012
I bought this and the extra fine style because my favorite pens are now out of stock and I was looking for replacement pens with the same type of ink.
This is a decently comfortable pen- make sure not to grip it too tightly or you will cramp easily.
The tips are felt and if you leave the cap off they will dry out (i dipped mine into water, capped it, placed it tip down in my pen cup and waited and hour)
The pen does make a scratching noise across the paper (felt fibers grabbing at paper fibers) but it's fairly effortless and smooth, there are a few catches, but that is probably on my end as a writer. I have never been a fan of felt tips since I wear them out pretty quickly, but this is a darn nice pen for what I was looking for.
I use mine for everyday use. I did test it on my office table (wooden) and it did leave a mark I was only able to remove it by extreme friction, so beware, especially since these bleed through!
Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen - Fine - PILOT MNA-12FB
  This and the extra fine..., June 12, 2012
This and the extra fine are my favorite pens of all time. I have a hard time finding comfortable pens (my hands cramp easily) and for some reason these are perfect for me! I love the smooth flowing lines, the fact that the ink dries very quickly (left-handed so I always drag my hand through whatever I am writing). I have been collecting pens and pencils for over 20 years, and this is my ultimate favorite. They do have a slight smell when you write with them, but all the oil-based pens I have used seem to have the same smell. I use them for any and all writing. They do have a tendency to bleed through (the extra the least, the bold the most) papers so I would recommend trying an extra fine to fine first.
Bold is perfect for larger packages and will not puncture packages/envelopes as you write the address. They all work great on homemade paper and thicker journal paper. they will bleed through on general paper, moleskines, etc.
It is a sad day when one of my Pilot Envelope pens runs out of ink :(
1 to 3 (of 3 )