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June 14, 2010
THIS PENCIL LOOKS SIIIIICK!!!! OMG I have been dreaming of this kind of pencil!! Its such a cool idea combining two different pencils. I have a question. Does it have a shaky?
This pencil sucks. It...
May 15, 2010
This pencil sucks. It doesnt even smell at all. There is no grip also. DO NOT BUY. My brother put clay in his because he hated it so much (He then threw it away).
I agree with chr... about...
May 11, 2010
I agree with chr... about his/her comment. This pencil is unbelievable awesome, but I have noticed that the color of the pencil determines how squishy the grip is. I found out that black is the most squishiest, and orange is the least squishiest.
This pencil is very good,...
May 11, 2010
This pencil is very good, but there is not much to say about it. It's a shaker pencil, has a rubber grip (not so special), and writes smoothly. I think this color is the best out of all. The pencil also writes very smoothly. The price is decent, so that is why I recommend this pencil.
:) :D ;) :\'( :-o :-...
May 11, 2010
:) :D ;) :\'( :-o :-/
This pencil is cool,...
May 8, 2010
This pencil is cool, however the quality and the lifespan of the pencil isnt that great. The cool thing, is that when you write, the lead spins around giving you the sharp point everytime. I think this is a very useful trait in this pencil because I never break a lead when i use this pencil. The bad traits about this pencil, is that there is no grip whatsoever. There is a tiny little rubber thing on the bottom, but that doesn't count. Also, the paint on the pencil starts to chip off after a while, and it starts to look ugly. I think this pencil is priced right, but they can still improve it. Overall, I think this is a great pencil, but it needs a few tweaks to it.
This pencil has a good...
May 8, 2010
This pencil has a good idea, however it is not worth the price. The only good thing about this pencil, is that it can carry a lot of lead (about 25 pieces), you can interchange the barrels that go into the pencil, and you can also change the color inside the pencil when you change the barrel. The bad things are that the grip is not the best, the wuality of the pencil is not good, and the clip breaks a lot. Overall, I recommend this pencil to those who like creative ideas on pencils, but I still think its overpriced.
Overall, this pencil...
May 8, 2010
Overall, this pencil is awesome. I use the agel right now, but when i need a firmer pencil, I directly switch to this one. It is firm, however there is still a bit of squish in it. Also, I like the shaker mechanism. I think it is better than the agel shaky because this one feels more solid, and advances easier. This pencil is a must buy for anyone who likes Dr. Grips.
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This is obviously the...
March 21, 2010
This is obviously the best pencil out of all the alpha gel series. The grip squishes the most, and it has a lower grip for people who write down low. Although people say that having no clip is bad, I think it is better because I personally don't clip it on to anything. Without the clip, it is easier to do pencil tricks like spin it around your thumb. Overall, this pencil is a great buy, and a must have pencil.
I watched the review...
March 6, 2010
I watched the review about this pencilcase on youtube by crazyaboutpens, and I thought that i wanted to try it, and I was very satisfied with the case. This pencilcase was awesome because it has many pockets, so I can organize my mechanical pencils (I love mechanical pencils), felt tip markers, lead, highlighters, and pens. It also does not take up a lot of space when you put it on your desk when you are at school. On the first day I brought it to school, everyone thought it was cool in every one of my periods (except PE). Overall, this is a VERY good and a high quality pencilcase.
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