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January 26, 2013
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This section is more about the zebra multi pen series as a whole, not this particular model.

The pen itself is fine and dandy, it sometimes automatically retracts but its not that big of a deal. The eraser is good, but you only get to use about 1/3 of it because of the metal piece that encases the eraser....basically the majority of the eraser doesn't get used and its a PITA to open up the metal case to get more use out of the eraser. You are better off buying a separate eraser.

This section is about this particular model of the zerba mutli pens. The only metal piece of this pen is the end cap that you have to unscrew to change the pens out. The actual body is still plastic and mine cracked on me near the end cap and wouldn't hold it in place now. Don't waste the $33 on this model, get the cheaper version. I'm only giving this 3 stars because the other versions of the model is better
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