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I love this pen, by far...
June 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pen, by far my favorite pen. It has a very fine consistent line and works well for me in both sketching and writing. I have often used it for taking notes in class. I did lose the pen under the sofa for a couple of months, but I just pulled the cap off and started writing again. It only skipped a bit on the first few words and has been working great since.

I have a very loose grip on my pens when I write and this pen is works great with my writing style. I have owned this pen for about 6 months.
I purchased my Kaweco...
June 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
I purchased my Kaweco Classic Sport a few months ago, and I really like the nib and the way to ink flows. This extra fine nib is worthy of the name. But I hardly use the pen because it’s so small and so unbalanced for me. I have large hands and though I use 50 lb. dumbbells, my writing grip is from learning to write with a technical pen in elementary school. A loose grip was the only way to make the writing look smooth and I have a very loose grip on the pen when I write. The barrel of my Kaweco Sport weighs 6 grams, while the cap and clip weigh 7. The pen barrel is too short for me to use without the cap, but the cap throws the center of gravity out to the web of my hand. My pen only touches the web of my hand when writing is paused. For long writing sessions, I want the center of gravity near my middle finger.

The line weight is only slightly thicker than the Tachikawa Linemarker A.T Sketch Pen in 0.3 mm (my current favorite Jet Pen), but the Tachikawa’s cartridges are only available in black.

If your grip is enough different from mine that the balance doesn't bother you, then this is the pen for you. This is an otherwise excellent pen.
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If you like this pen...
February 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
If you like this pen or not will depend on how hard you press when you write. I find this pen overly stiff and difficult to write with if I use my normal writing style, but I have a very "light hand". The ink flow and writing look much better when I press much harder then I prefer. The description here is "Super Fine" and the package is marked "Extra Fine", and I am judging the line weight to be .5mm.

If you have a "heavy hand" and have broken .5mm pencil leads, this may be the pen for you. If you have a light hand like me, and have never broken even a .3mm "B" pencil lead and find that .25mm (000) technical pens write very smoothly, then don't bother with this pen.
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