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Reviews Written by Dudleylau

May 9, 2006
err, i dont know how...
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err, i dont know how to edit, so in addition to my review i must note that the reason why, at the time of my review, the tasche wrote a little better at higher angles is because it ran out of ink.

After refilling it wrote alot smoother, just like the time i bought it. Also note that depending on the type of ink, you will see different qualities of smoothness and flow. Im currently using Sailor's black ink in it, which flows very smoothly, and before i was using Noodler's, which isn't as smooth.

It takes International size cartridges, which is nice, but it runs out really fast! so if you start having problems after a few pages... well you probably running out of ink.

You can also dump fountain pen ink right into the barrel and do away with all the cartridges, but do it over a sink and do it quickly, because if you dont close the cap TIGHTLY and Quickly, you will have ink flowing out the other end.

May 4, 2006
This is hella fun to...
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This is hella fun to use! It's just a regular highlighter,but just like the good old magic markers, the other end has this clear marker that erases the color.

To be honest, it doesnt erase the pigment all the way thru. So please dont keep on rubbing the clear marker over it over and over again, because it is fairly wet and will wrinkle your paper. But it is so faint, you would barely notice if you tried.

the color is not a typical neon green, which is good because i HATE neon colored high lighters.This green is pretty mellow. it is slightly olive-like, and not dark at all. Very pleasent to the eyes.

May 4, 2006
First, it is awesome...
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First, it is awesome looking, and i am super partial to retractables!

The design and mechanism is a bit interesting. the white out cartridge is similar to that of gel pens. They managed to make it so you dont have to shake the damn thing every time you use it.

The flow of the white out depends greatly on how hard you push it. but be warned, you dont have to push very had to get whiteout out. In fact, for quite awhile i kept on pooling white out onto my paper. so white out with a constant controlled pressure for the best result.

The problem with this though is that the whiteout does dry out on the tip, making it difficult to start and difficult in making white out even. To solve this you may want to rub off the dried white out off the tip, or scribble with it on another piece of paper. (dont worry it wont get on your hands if it is DRY).

To make the white out look at its best, use a zig zag pattern like \/\/\/, and not swirlies. This is because it dries fairly "fast", and when you go over the same region again, it will not only make it thicker, but cause ripples and such.

And my final words about this is that, unlike other retractables, you dont have to worry about the ink drying up if you dont retract it. BUT, be careful to retract it back in its sheath before storing it, because the tip is very prone to leaks if something presses against it. you dont want to ruin other pens or your favorate bookbag with this.

May 4, 2006
Had this pen for a few...
Verified Purchase
Had this pen for a few months. For the price its a great deal. The major problem with it is that sometimes it skips. I think this is due to ink drying up in the nib when not in use. I think to solve this problem you can use a thinner ink. I tried some J. Herbin ink, and it flowed out well, maybe a little too well. but when i switched to Noodler's ink. it had a great deal of skipping when i first write.

Another problem i found to be true is that it is Slightly scratchy when you write fast. I think the problem arises from the angle of how you hold the pen. i found it least prone to scratch at higher angles (about 45-60 deg).

Also my friend finds that the smooth surface hard to grip, but i had no problems with it

Even though there are these problems, i think its a great pen. the nib is pretty smooth, and the flow is great. just some little quarks that is a bit annoying sometimes.

November 17, 2005
Funny how it still doesnt...
Verified Purchase
Funny how it still doesnt have a review... The grip is even better feels awesome. Wish they had it in orange, but white is also very beautiful. Too bad it's not a shaker pencil and that the grip collects too much dust. So it jsut stays on my desk. =(

November 17, 2005
Flow is wonderful. It's...
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Flow is wonderful. It's like poring milk out of a pen. The white is also good, but dont let the layers build because it does get a little chalky.

November 17, 2005
Very nice silver pen....
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Very nice silver pen. Flow is wonderful, the ink is truely silver! I want gold too! do you guys know if they make this in a finer point?? i bet they could if they want to

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November 16, 2005
Hum, the picture doesnt...
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Hum, the picture doesnt look quite like it. it actually looks more pastelish blue with slight hints of purple. the barrel attracts alot of dust and lint. It is a pretty design though. The ink is plain blue but comes out nice for a ballpoint.

November 10, 2005
Wonderful pen, Love the...
Verified Purchase
Wonderful pen, Love the design. Feels really comfortable. Only drawback is that it only comes in blue ink. Please get refills for these, its a shame to waste when ink runs out...

November 1, 2005
Thought I wouldnt see...
Thought I wouldnt see these erasers again. Jetpens read my mind. Love the shape, and works great!