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Reviews Written by thepurplehusky

November 15, 2013
Positively LOVE these...
Verified Purchase
Positively LOVE these pens! Yes, they are similar to the Glaze BUT these have a -finer- point in comparison.
My only fault is the color GREEN in both of these brands tends to vary a lot in color integrity from pen to pen.
All the other colors are spectacular, saturated, and indeed, dry with a glossy finish!

November 15, 2013
This was a really great...
Verified Purchase
This was a really great pen the first time around - tiny, firm brush tip, awesome lines, doesnt smudge with solvent markers, great. But after a few months of sparing use the little point of the felt brush broke off and there went my nice tiny lines! Soon I started noticing the pen was growing leaky (I store my pens upright) but figured this was due to the tip having broken a little and use. I had also purchased the Regular version of this pen and found that for being a little wider, the felt brush tip was flexible enough to give me comparable line variety from small to broad and was also smudge-proof.
Ordered a new one of the Super Fine and got a super leaky pen, I'm afraid :C Only used it once or twice, but even after dabbing the excess ink, it is unsuitable for doing any artwork at all.
Sticking with the Regular from now on.