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I've been keeping paper...
February 11, 2015
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I've been keeping paper journals of my workout info for years to track progress, record notes about techniques, document injuries and rehabilitation, etc. I've dripped enough sweat onto the pages of past journals to recognize that a waterproof notebook like the Field Notes Expedition Ed. is a perfect notebook for this purpose. Use with a uni Power Tank waterproof pen for maximum durability!
My Orenz .2mm jams multiple...
January 14, 2015
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My Orenz .2mm jams multiple times a day. When the pencil is working, it's very nice to have such a finely tipped mechanical pencil, even though the lead consumption is alarmingly high. This pencil brings to mind a temperamental ("high maintenance") sports car which can do things that others can't -- that is, when the thing is actually working correctly. I am ready to go back to a regular, boring, old .5mm after seeing how unreliable this pencil is.
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This sharpener produces...
February 19, 2011
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This sharpener produces very high quality points and has an auto stop feature that cuts to a minimum that amount of pencil being wasted. The clamping feature on the KH-20 features three rubber coated jaws that protect the finish that the manufacturer gave the pencil. The orange clicky button on the crank allow the user to select either sharp or blunt finishes to the point. Even the sharp finish creates a very strong point. It's a joy to use a pencil that has been sharpened by this outstanding device. Thanks JetPens!
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