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Reviews Written by sw.inku

November 23, 2009
100% my favorite blue...
Verified Purchase
100% my favorite blue pencil lead, it erases really easy and doesn't mark up the paper unless I really am drawing heavily with it. Its a great technical artists lead, I always recommend it to people. Even if it is hard to find.

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November 23, 2009
I use dipping nibs for...
Verified Purchase
I use dipping nibs for inking pretty extensively and wanted to try using one of these for finer detail work to use with rulers. Since I usually have to use microns, which have a lighter less permanent ink then I prefer.
I was pretty pleased with my buy, it has a bit of flex for getting a little line variation.
It does tend to get clogged and skip occasionally and can still not take the place of my good old nibs but it is convenient and has a decent line quality.