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Reviews Written by artgonebyebye

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Staedtler 925-35 Lead Holder - 2 mm - STAEDTLER 92535-20N
  Again...No instructions..., May 14, 2012
Again...No instructions with product. After fussing with the d^mn thing I FINALLY got the "shipped with" lead out and the blue lead I had in.

Hint...Unscrew the very front tip holder and plunge the top down and watch how it works.

I like it and it. Nice weight and ease of use. Once you figure it out. I mean C'mon. I can find instructions on building an atom bomb on the internet. I guess i will just have to go it alone to figure out how I sharpen the leads.

Sorry, JetBob but lack of instructions really irritate me after I spend $91.00 on a bunch of products that have instructions in only Japanese or none at all. Maybe that is why the extra $15.00 at the art store is necessary.
Tachikawa Linemarker A.T Sketch Pen - 0.5 mm - TACHIKAWA LM-05BK
  Ok, I know that this..., May 14, 2012
Ok, I know that this might be self evident BUT I DO NOT speak Japanese. Also videos showing the ink filling and cartridge use along with other helpful hints will keep those of us that want to try something new coming back again. Until then I will evaluate the pen as I use it...

that is if I can get the dumb cartridge on with out turning my fingers black. Now where's my surgical gloves?
1 to 2 (of 2 )