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Reviews Written by kzj890-pp

November 6, 2011
Not quite the brush pen...
Verified Purchase
Not quite the brush pen I am looking for. The sharp point of the brush part turn blunt very quickly, make it more like a "marker" than a brush pen.

October 9, 2010
I have bought many different...
Verified Purchase
I have bought many different kinds of brush pens, this is the only nataural hair one that I have. And I can say this is the best. Can't use anything else anymore.

April 9, 2010
I love this pen. It has...
I love this pen. It has similar brush tip as the Pentel standard brush pen ( , so if you like the standard one, you will love this one, too.
I think it is using a thicker ink, the ink in Pentel standard is too thin to me, even though it's still very black.

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March 17, 2010
This brush tip is somewhat...
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This brush tip is somewhat too soft for me. Can't use it as general purpose pen.

March 17, 2010
I bought this because...
Verified Purchase
I bought this because I don't want to commit $27 before I know how the quality of the pen is.

I'm very pleased with what I got. The tip is kind of hard, but I guess it's because this is a super fine tip. If you have small hands, you can even use it as a pocket pen without the $27 body, which makes it a very good buy.

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March 17, 2010
Kyara means Agarwood...
Verified Purchase
Kyara means Agarwood (or Aloeswood) in English. The smell is not over powering, you have to put your nose very close to the paper to smell it.

It has a very high quality brush head, that makes it very versatile, I can write small (Chinese) characters as well as medium (about 1.5" x1.5") characters.

March 17, 2010
I don't really want to...
Verified Purchase
I don't really want to buy this brush pen with Gray Ink, but somehow I place the wrong order and received it.
The brush is very good, sharp, and the strokes are crisp and clean, although the Gray color is more like a water down black, semi-transparent. Maybe it's good for water painting?