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Reviews Written by disappearingact

July 10, 2010
Update: I just got a...
Verified Purchase
Update: I just got a bottle of the Platinum Carbon ink from JetPens and a converter, and the pen has ratcheted up into the amazing category. Dries dark, quick, and no feathering on any of the papers I tried in my last review. The downside: I basically spent $90 on a brushpen system. But it's the most like a brush I've seen and I can get really detailed thin lines with it-- and since the ink is in a pretty big bottle, it's going to last me quite a while.

So I'd recommend if you have the money to invest, ditching the ink in favor of the Carbon ink and refilling yourself with a converter or syringe. It's night and day.

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June 19, 2010
I heart Boxy! It would...
Verified Purchase
I heart Boxy!
It would be nice if there was a wider version, but it erases great and doesn't leave smudges. Admittedly I got suckered in by the Engrish on the label, but it's sturdy and my go-to eraser.

June 19, 2010
I bought one of these...
Verified Purchase
I bought one of these based on the other review and not wanting to shell out for an expensive pen I knew nothing about-- very impressed with the end result! I have medium sized hands and can still draw with the refill alone; no feathering and a quick drying dark ink. The tip is hard, but has some flexibility to it so you can get some variance in your lines/lettering. Definitely not like a brush, but it's not like the precision of a rollerball. Pleasant surprise, as I've bought other pens like this that often run into some kind of problem. Great for detail, too. When I run out of ink I'll probably buy the whole pen!

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June 19, 2010
I want to love this pen,...
Verified Purchase
I want to love this pen, but so far I'm not sure.

The good: this pen is one of the most responsive brush tips I've used (and I've bought quite a few from JetPens!). It goes from thick to thin in no time, which is awesome for expressive drawings. Snaps back to a point pretty easily too-- granted I've only had it a few days, but I'm impressed with the quality. The packaging and pen itself are very nice and I feel like I bought a pen I'll have for a long time, which I definitely like.

The less-good: The ink. It's a very wet, not super-dark ink-- I can forgive the color, as when I scan drawings in it's usually not an issue. But I've tried using this on cheap printer paper, plate bristol board, a Maruman Mnemosyne sketchbook (my favorite!) and two brands of marker paper with varying results. I'm a lefty, and so fretting about smudging is not a new issue for me-- but still, it didn't dry fast (and I'm in a super-dry climate in Arizona, so I can only imagine how it'd be in a more humid place) and in the Mnemosyne there is a tiny amount of feathering (although it seems to dry fastest on that paper). While the feathering is not the end of the world and could be much worse, it is a bit of a disappointment.

I'm curious about using the converter, but nervous it might muck up the pen. There's not a lot of information on the internet, and I've heard some people say good and bad things about replacing the ink with the Platinum Carbon ink... I have Noodler's ink here though, so if it is a better match perhaps I'll give it a shot.

Overall this is a bittersweet brushpen-- awesome for its 'hardware' but at least for me a bit lacking when it comes to the 'software'. Better ink would make this an amazing pen! For now I'll just say it's really pretty good and perhaps experiment to find a better ink solution.

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