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Terrible pen! The ink...
September 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
Terrible pen! The ink is bad, the pen lost its ball after a few uses, the design of the body is super cheap, not even giving you a clue what the ink color is, and the so-called "grip" handle is not only ugly but slippery. I think Zebra isn't one of the best brands to begin with, but this is probably one of the worst experiences I've had!
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I bought the pen because...
April 12, 2012
I bought the pen because I loved the design, and how it fits in my hand and also to try it out.
Everything was almost perfect for these pens... the design of the pen is great, the usability too, and it comes in a wide range of colors, which makes it a good alternative to the G-TEC.
But I hate erasable ink! I just don't get the point of it. It's a cheap invention that gives me a feeling of being ripped off. Everytime I make a drawing or write something important, I have to photocopy it to make sure it won't go away.
I cannot write official documents, sign cheques, get into detail, when I write with this pen, because it will end up disappearing (it fades with time and / or heat... like if you scan the paper you wrote on on a machine with a feeder, or print on the back with a laser copier, etc)
It's just too bad that one cannot refill it with G-TEC or multiball ink...
Anyways. Hate the ink, maybe I would have a need for it if I was a student but I think fountain pens with a special eraser pen are a better alternative for students because even if you're a student you don't want to inadvertently erase your copy by putting it into a scanner (which will heat up the paper and make the ink invisible!)...
These pens are the most...
March 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
These pens are the most awesome pens I know!
Unlike user queenkatherine, I can get them to write on plastic and paint no problem - the little user guide on the label says "try on paper before writing on certain surfaces" and that's what you gotta do - warm up the tip on a piece of paper before you write on certain smoots surfaces, and not press too hard!
The design of the pen is really awesome, with its logo an hommage to rock band metallica.
A must-have for versatile artists who don't like to be limited by the tools they use - with these I write and draw on absolutely any surfaces! At work, at home, on the back of photos, on my drinking bottle to write my name, on plastic cases, on glossy paper... I recommend writing or doodling on glossy paper with these.
One of the best tools ever... Also recommend using the medium and bold tip models if you can find them. The ink lasts forever and beats any other pen's inks...
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I own over 2500 pens...
October 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
I own over 2500 pens that I used successively for studies, illustration, typography and several design and art projects / jobs and this pens stays on top of my best pens in the world list for several reasons. The first reason is the ink with which it is filled - dries fast, stays on most surfaces that exist - and really solidifies when dries. It is simply awesome to use it on glossy paper for example, like on magazines, but also on bottles when you need to write your name on a bottle, but it is also very versatile and stays perfectly on every type of paper if you need to write a report - and the ink is almost impossible to remove from paper, which makes it perfect to use for signing checks if you are afraid of frauds. In art experiments, I have used it to write onto film strips or photos, to write or draw on several types of fabric and plastic, to ink pencil drawings, and every time I am mind blown by how sturdy the ink remains after it's dry. My art might still exist long after I die because of that, and it's not only an amazing ink to work with, velvety, soft, with deep shades and a beautiful texture almost like water but that hardens - it's also reassuring to see how solid it is ( especially with pen tips medium and up, as the pen exists in medium, broad, and extra broad under the permaball model name). You could almost write under water with it...
The second reason is the sturdiness of the pen itself, and the third reason is its design. It's without a doubt for me one of the most beautifully designed pens ever.
Well, I have nothing but praise for this pen. Get it !
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