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Reviews Written by brian.brannon

October 17, 2009
A great pen, very precisely...
Verified Purchase
A great pen, very precisely made. Writes nicely with the ceramic roller ball.

October 17, 2009
First, I love Pilot pens,...
First, I love Pilot pens, and this one's pretty good. It's extremely light, easy to carry, writes well. It's a bit 'slick' as far as finish, and overall it's on the small side. May be tough to use comfortably with larger hands. Being very light probably contributes to my initial feeling of 'whoa, this doesn't feel very durable'...however, the pen has stood up to use without any problem. Again, I'm a huge Pilot fan, but, while this pen performs well, it gave me the impression of being cheap. Just one opinion (btw, I'm about to order some new ink for it so I can use it again if that tells you Sort of a pen that I love despite the cons mentioned.

October 17, 2009
Nice pen, looks and feels...
Nice pen, looks and feels great with the brushed finish. Writes nicely as well. I'll have to give 4 out of 5 for one reason only: the spring clip will come off with barely any effort, it hasn't come off on it's own yet but it does concern me. A conventional non binder style clip would be better in my opinion.

October 13, 2009
Truly an amazing instrument,...
Verified Purchase
Truly an amazing instrument, I had a white ST3 and due to my negligence and a poorly designed chair, I snapped the clip right off..the instrument still works perfectly, but being clip less, I had to replace it. I picked up this LT3, and I'm SO HAPPY I did. While the ST3 was a fantastic pen, this one is a step above in my book. It's noticeably smaller than the ST3, and the finish feels amazing and provides a good bit more grip when handled. I think upon filling the LT3 that the midbody screw point being metal will be a bit more rugged over the long haul than the plastic connector on the original ST3. I absolutely love this instrument. It is by far the favorite I've ever owned, and I've been into writing instruments for 18 years. Awesome build quality, looks, performance, versatility and practicality. I give it my highest recommendation.

December 17, 2008
Great little ballpoint...
Verified Purchase
Great little ballpoint from Zebra. The Zebra extendable they have in those big discount stores is no good for me, the front barrel on them is way too slick for a comfortable grip, and they don't extend/retract with a precision feel. They are inferior in every way when compared to this model. This one does not have any grip problems and extention/retraction is silky smooth.

I picked this white one and my co-workers have inquired about it and now they want one! It's got a great pearl-like finish. My only pet-peeve is that it comes with blue ink... that's easily remedied though, the black zebra f series refills are readily available just about everywhere, so I won't count it against the pen itself. Unique, good looking, and reliable. My favorite model of the five metal bodied Zebra's I currently own.

BTW, it comes in a nice presentation box as well. Makes receiving it just that much better!

December 17, 2008
I purchased my Pilot...
I purchased my Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slims while stationed in Japan almost two years ago. Mine is the black and silver version. I have always been a pen-nut and find this to be a wonderful pen.

In my opinion a needle-point with a small nib like this is ideal for quick notes on a pocket jotter...and especially for planners or smaller calendars. However, I'd go with something else if I had a ton of writing to do... the relatively small ink refills would be used up way too quickly otherwise.

I especially enjoy that this pen is a multi, as I require both black and red inks for my work. The name says Slims and it definitely is, it's a bit shorter than most pens as well. It is well built though and has served me well.

If it never ever skipped I would rate it a 5, but to be completely honest it has skipped on me. I am left handed and use a steep angle to write under the ink as I move across the paper though, and this combined with the thin needle point probably account for the very infrequent skipping.

I would buy this pen again and therefore can give it my honest recommendation. Would give it a 4.5 but no half stars available so it gets a strong 4.