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Reviews Written by rendon.candy3

March 19, 2014
Pair it with the Uni...
Verified Purchase
Pair it with the Uni 2mm lead sharpener and you're in sketch, doodling, and writing business for the long haul. It's comfortable, and strong, and plainly attractive. I have immediately become a fan of Uni's pencils and other writing utensils. You'll love it if you're needing a good, solid lead holder for everyday things. :)

Now, if only Uni sold 2mm lead refills darker than their 3B, I'd be over the moon and back. :)
Perhaps someday. Where's my sketchbook?

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March 19, 2014
For the price, the size,...
Verified Purchase
For the price, the size, the quality and convenience of cartridges for budgeting pen purchasers, this pen is worth your time. It needs some time, as with any pen, to really be broken into, to become comfortable and familiar, but after, oh, it's swell. For me, when it did, I fell in love. For three dollars by some more, many, in different colors and with refills of ink cartridges (easier than refilling with ink--practical).

I don't know why, but I'm a BIG fan of mini sized pens. They aren't particularly ergonomic (haha), but somehow I enjoy the smaller size, quaint and friendly, so that I can concentrate on the act of writing though distracted with the size. I always have one in my pocket, one beside my bed, on the nightstand (for late night ideas to jot), and one attached to my Midori traveler's notebook. Oh yeah, Pilot. I can dig it. Fine indeed.

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