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Reviews Written by benjamindk1

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Pilot Delful Double Knock Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black & Green - PILOT HDF-50R-BG
  This pencil is not for..., April 2, 2014
This pencil is not for jittery or active writers. I have a tendency to wag my pencil back and forth nervously when deep in thought, or click the retract button at the top of the pencil twice out of nervous habit. This pencil does not take kindly to those habits, as the lead is extracted from either of those actions. So I'm left with a bunch of lead sticking out of the pencil, and then I have to break off the lead in order to get back a manageable length of lead. I could probably live with just the shaking activating the lead extraction, but because both the shaking and the retract button activate the lead, I'll be burning through a lot of lead writing with this.
Uni Alpha Gel Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Red Grip - UNI M5858GG1P.15
  I have two gripes about..., April 2, 2014
I have two gripes about all mechanical pencils: the uneven wear of the point, and the stabbing that I have to endure every time I try to find it. The Kuru Toga solves the first problem beautifully. Other pencils solve the second problem, but no pencil (that I know of) solves both. Of all the Kuru Toga models that Uni sells, they don't have a retractable, pipe-locking, or, for God's sake a bloody cap to prevent the completely unnecessary stabbing that happens when clumsy hands try to pick it up. Still, I love this pencil.
1 to 2 (of 2 )