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April 17, 2015
Verified Purchase

These staples are a beautiful color. However, I was unaware that staples come in different sizes so when I ran out of my boring ordinary staples, I went to load these puppies into my red swingline (yes, THE red swingline), and they don't fit. This is my own fault. Please try these staples with the proper stapler because not only would they be fun to use, they seen very strong.
These highlighters are...
September 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
These highlighters are an extreme disappointment to me. The colors are nice, but the pink and blue are too dark to see the text underneath them.

I generally find the green and purple highlighters too dark for my purposes, so it's nice to be able to use them. The gray is an interesting new for me, and I think I'm going to like it.

The dual sided aspect of the markers is a waste. The "fine" side is the same thickness as turning the wide edge on its side. There's no point in even bothering to open the thin side - especially since it's extremely tight and difficult to remove.

Overall, though, it was a waste to purchase a five-set of highlighters but only find three to be useful for their given purpose. I do like the pink and blue and plan to use them as markers since they aren't useful as highlighters. I won't purchase this set again, though.
This is the most disappointing...
March 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is the most disappointing item I have ever purchased from Jetpens. I didn’t expect a high quality pen at this price, but it looks cheaper than the cheap rollerballs you can grab at the drugstore. Those cheap pens at the supermarket write better, too. This pen is extremely scratchy, and the ink only flows if you press it down like a ballpoint pen. I have used the Gris Nuage ink (which is a gorgeous color and will be loaded into my Kaweco Sport next time if it fits) and the black ink that came with it.
Pros: It is a refillable rollerball
Cons: Cheaply made, looks cheap, and writes badly.
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This is the first fountain...
March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is the first fountain pen I’ve ever used that writes well on a normal post-it note. It’s also my first time using cartridges in a couple of years, and it’s my first time using kaweco ink.
I have no idea if it’s the pen or the ink or the combo, but this pen WRITES ON POST-IT NOTES. All my other fountain pens have problems with post-it note paper (ink won’t come out of the pen, the ink pools funny, the ink takes too long to dry, etc. I need to look into a bottle of kaweco ink (if it exists) and switch out my ink in some other work pens!
It’s an adorable little pen. It’s ridiculously light weight, but the plastic doesn’t look cheap or seem flimsy. I’m guessing the plastic has the same level of durability as my Lamy Vista (which I think is the demonstrator version of the Lamy Safari… same price, same size, etc.) This Kaweco is sharp. I’m going to buy two more of these, but I’m concerned that they won’t look as good or be as sturdy as this music one. The pictures on the website of the other Kaweco sport pens in the same price range look pretty cheap and flimsy (except for the black and white ones).
When I say it’s a cute little pen, I mean it. I wear a size small women’s glove, and when I close my fist around then capped pen (across my palm), my fist completely covers the white cap and goes a bit into the black body of the pen. When the pen is open and posted, the pen is the perfect size and balance for me.
Posted, my new Kaweco Sport is the same length as my unposted Lamy Vista and Lamy Safari pens.
Posted, my new Kaweco is a nib length longer than my Esterbrook.
The body is a touch wider than the Esterbrook and the cap is a touch wider than my Lamy Vista.
I bought the fine point nib and was disappointed that the fine point nib is just as thick as the fine point nib on my Lamys. But since the thicker link is well controlled and even, I’ll live with it.
I don’t generally use cartridges, so I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is about cartridge use in general, if it’s specific to this pen, or if it’s about the kaweco cartridge ink. I also forgot to flush it before use. The pen took a full day before it wrote properly.
Interesting note – I dipped the nib into my Waterman’s South Sea ink (aqua color) because even though the pen wasn’t writing from the cartridge, I wanted to try it out. I have never dipped a nib in a bottle and had the ink last so long. I wrote 1.5 pages (8.5x11) before the ink started skipping and running out!
I didn’t use the cartridge that came with the pen. I purchased a box of Kaweco blue/black cartridges and used that instead. The color is a nice denim color, but I was hoping for a slightly blacker ink. I’ll have to look and see what other colors I can get cartridges in. I don’t see a reason to buy other brands of cartridges unless I find myself really hankering for a color kaweco doesn’t sell because, dude, it writes on post-its!
There is definite show through and it’s just about to bleed through anywhere that the pen wasn’t moving for even a second (mostly on periods, the start of a line, or the end of a line). However, I’m using it on office paper (cheap copy paper and Office Depot brand white “legal” pads). I haven’t brought it home to try in my good notebooks, but I’m hoping for less bleed through. If the show through doesn’t decrease on the better quality paper, I’ll probably stock one of the new ones in a lighter colored ink (oohhhh… like the new J. Herbin Gris Nuage I just got for my new, and disappointingly cheap with so-so writing J. Herbin rollerball pen).
Great pen at this price range. I prefer it to my two Lamys because it’s smaller and lighter. I am going to get two more (two in different colored inks and one to keep in my bag). I am going to investigate a converter and some kaweco bottled ink for one or two of the new ones. This one will continue to be a cartridge pen.
I love this glue pen,...
March 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this glue pen, and I am purchasing another. As others have stated, it glues extremely well and allows the opportunity to fluctuate the quality of glue. Most of the time it is best to dot the area so that there isn't too much glue.

The only problem is that if I use too much glue, It makes a mess.
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I love this pen! I purchased...
November 3, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love this pen! I purchased this and the Kuretake Envelope Template, and I've had a blast. I made envelopes from maps and magazine pages. It takes very little ink. After two very wet, sticky tries, I discovered that dotting the glue instead of writing a line works best. I have to be careful, the glue sticks extremely well. If I use too much and it squishes out from the side, my fingers can stick together (not as bad as with superglue, but it's far glue-ier than a glue stick or elmars glue).

Oh! The glue comes out blue and dries clear. It's really great. I only had one mishap and that was the first time I used it on a cheap tourist map. I used too much glue and when it squished out the sides, the cheap map ink smeared. Like I said, it worked on thicker map paper and it worked on thin magazine paper. I also used it to seal some envelopes because I don't like them, and I couldn't find my glue stick.

I will buy a new one when this one runs low. I just hope I don't forget to take it out of my pen case when I travel! I'd hate for it to be confiscated.
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This ink is beautifully...
October 11, 2012
This ink is beautifully presented. The round metal box is very pretty, the tissue paper packing it is nice, and it comes with the tale of why they chose this name. The wax seal was a bit difficult to get off the bottle, but that's probably because I've never actually tried to remove a wax seal.

The bottle isn't as heart shaped as I had expected, but it's very pretty. The opening is far too small. I can fit my J. Herbin Tapered Body Frosted Glass Dip Pen into the bottle, but I can't fit my Lamy Safari in. I won't purchase another bottle because I can't use my fountain pens with it.

The ink itself is a beautiful, bold blue when I write with it, but it fades as soon as it starts to dry. A previous reviewer noted a purple tint to it, but mine is drying into more of a faded denim color. This could be the paper I tested it on, so I'll check it out on a few other pages tomorrow to see if it makes a difference (I've used it on white paper that tends to bleed a bit and on a pale blue stationary stock that doesn't bleed but could have an effect on the color.

It has a cork top, and I live in the desert. I have only used bottled ink that screwed closed, and I'm wondering if the cork will cause the ink to dry out more quickly. I'm also concerned that it will be tipped over on my desk and slowly dribble out. I don't have a fear of that with my screw tops. They generally aren't knocked over, but the bottom of the heart bottle isn't as bulbous as my other ink.

Overall, I'm thrilled to have received this ink as a gift. Not only is it nicely packaged, but I was gifted the dip pen with it. It's a very romantic gift item even if it's not perfect.
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I have been using this...
September 18, 2012
I have been using this ink with my Lamy Safari pen for several weeks now, and I am very pleased with the color. It's a a very solid dark brown. It's not so dark as to be mistaken for black, but it's not so light as to scream, "She's writing with a non-standard office color pen!"

I don't know if it's the pen or the ink because this I have only used it in one pen, but the ink flows wet and smooth. However, it's not so wet as to create a lot of feathering. It does not blob, either. That being said, it is fountain pen ink. It does not dry the instant it hits the paper. It doesn't take too long to dry, though. As long as I don't immediately run my hand over the writing, I'm fine.

I use this both at the office and at home. The color looks good on my work papers, and it is delightful to journal with because the color isn't hot pink or purple (both are ink colors I enjoy) so it doesn't scream out and detract from my writing. Instead it allows me to feel special.
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This is the first fountain...
September 4, 2012
This is the first fountain pen I've owned that cost over $16. My past experience is with the Platinum Preppy and the Sailor Candy. This pen is a whole world of awesome, especially when comparing it to the nasty Sailor Candy pen.

I am using the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen with the fine nib, the converter, and Waterman ink. The pen flits easily across the page whether I'm writing slowly or quickly. The only time I've had skipping is when I was using it on a card purchased at Papyrus - obviously it was the stock and not the pen. I probably wrote twenty pages in my journal within 1.5 days of purchasing this pen because I just wanted to keep experiencing it.

The pen looks like a $3 office pen. There is nothing that screams, "Awesome pen!" when you look at it. I tried the one that looks just like this but has an aluminum body, and that pen was far too heavy for me to be happy. If it needs to be cheap looking in order to be an ideal writing instrument for me, so be it :-) I just hope no one walks away from my desk with it when I use it at work. It has a very similar appearance to one of the cheap brands they purchase for office supplies.
I absolutely love the...
August 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love the ink and the roller ball on this pen. However, it puts down a line that is far larger than 0.5mm. However, there are times every few hundred years where I'm ok with writing such a thick liner.

However, I am surprised as how much I dislike holding the pen. There are a few reasons. The first one is that there's no place to put the cap. I will lose a cap that I can't pop on the end of the pen. Again, that's also a forigveable thing. But the part that I can't get past is how badly the grips are placed. I realize that the listing notes how great it is for learning to write, and that is normally done by children. So the pen is probably sized specifically for children. However, I have small hands (I had to fashion an extra key on my bassoon just to be able to play every single note, and I wear a size 5.5 ring), and the pen is still not comfortable for me.

I thought that perhaps I hold all my pens wrong, and I looked up a lot of pages explaining the proper way to hold a pen, and I am doing it correctly. It's just that the indents are badly placed for me.

I really want to like this pen, and truthfully, it comes close to being awesome in so many ways!

The ink is a delight, the look of the pen is unique, and the weight/size is great.

However, the extra thick line, the fact that the cap could easily roll away since it can't be attached to the other end of the pen, and the discomfort holding the pen since the indents seem to placed for someone else leave me very disappointed in this pen.

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