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Reviews Written by james_lipski3rd

February 20, 2012
Beautiful pen, this color...
Verified Purchase
Beautiful pen, this color is simply stunning. If you want to use a pen instead of the rollerball it takes parker refills and the Ohto needlepoints.

It is all metal (quiet a bit of brass actually) and feels great in your hand. The twist mechanism is very nice as well. So we have fashion and function all in one package. Find a color you like and give one a try !

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April 12, 2009
Space age looking and...
Verified Purchase
Space age looking and at the same time the shape is a bit odd. Yet, I find that writing with it is a pleasure, took several pages of notes tonight and have nothing bad to say. Love how the sleve retracts with a twist of the barrel. Good weight, not too top heavy, lead dispensed per click is good too. Seems like a nice compromise compared to other drafting pencils on this site. The ohto 1500 seems to be overkill to me and I have read some questionable things about the graphgear 1000 on another forum. So to sum it up, so far so good. I plan on writing with this quite a bit so I will check back in if durability is an issue.

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March 28, 2009
I purchased five of these...
Verified Purchase
I purchased five of these along with five of the A.G hex ballpoints. I know, I went a little goofy but I love A.G's pens and pencils. This pencil is simply fantastic, it feels wonderful in the hand. Importantly it has a retractable sleeve so you don't damage your shirt, the pencil, or your attache. The black especially looks so sleek, and made my interest in the drafting pencils dissipate quickly. If you are in the market for a nice mechanical pencil I strongly recommend the A.G Spalding line.

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March 28, 2009
I own five of these and...
Verified Purchase
I own five of these and I am happy I found this website. Good weight, writes smooth, and they look fantastic. The blue is better looking than the silver (in my opinion). I found a little trick in terms of refills, they use zebra f-refills. The refills offered on this website are reasonably priced it is just easy to get the f-refills if you need them.