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Just so you all know,...
November 30, 2012
Just so you all know, this bag is most certainly ***NOT*** made from the nylon that parachutes are made of, as claimed in one article I just read. It is made out of standard packcloth and heavier grade nylon. Parachutes are made out of (typically) F-111 rip-stop nylon and several other types...none of which are used in the making of this bag.

Just wanted to clear up the misinformation on this bag here.
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You know, there are a...
September 4, 2012
You know, there are a lot of people touting the Pilot Hi-Tec-C ink refills right now. Well...I have tried them and the Parker gel ink refills are without a doubt THE BEST ink refills I've ever used. They write effortlessly and very smoothly. The ink dries relatively quickly for the amount of ink it puts on the paper. I have a few pens that take this Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill and while the pens themselves are nice, the Parker ink is sad and pathetic compared to the Parker Quink gel ink refills like these.

I will be placing an order for several of these in order to keep a stash at home and for traveling. My best pen (made out of pure Grade 5 Titanium) takes these refills and the ink is worthy of that fine pen.

Need a pen because you still write checks or something? Get the Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills...

Need a pen that writes well because you have important things to write, such as engineering drawings, journal entries, etc.? Get the Parker Quink gel ink refills here and skip the Pilot ones.
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