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October 5, 2011
I picked this up for 1100 yen in Tokyo this summer, so Jetpens is offering this for a really fair price. I had previously been using the cheaper, clear 3-cartridge body, and I finally wanted to upgrade to something a little more grown-up looking. All in all, I'm really happy with this body. It operates just as smoothly when deploying the pens, and has a good weight to it. Other reviews on the web have questioned why the bottom half of the barrel can be unscrewed, as it serves no real purpose... but I actually like this feature, since I can quickly check the ink levels without having to extract the cartridge from the top.

However, if you need the rubbery grip of the cheaper clear models, then you might not like this pen. It's got a matte finish (doesn't show fingerprints yay!) but I find it to be just the right thickness, so it has never slipped from my grasp. I'd recommend this to anybody who loves the coleto-c series and wants a more "serious"-looking pen.
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I just received mine...
November 18, 2009
Verified Purchase
I just received mine today, the light gray version, and am completely happy with my purchase. It seemed better than the "Flap Type" version because of the zippered inner-divider pocket, although I am guessing they are of the same dimension and weight. This one provides much better inner organization.

Plenty of space for a lot of pens, but I had some difficulty putting my Sakura Gelly Rolls in the inside pouch, since they are a tad bit longer than most pens. They will fit, but you won't be able to pull them out in one smooth motion. Pilot Frixion (color pencil type) fit absolutely fine.

It's well constructed; the material feels solid and there are no messy loose stitches to be seen. For $11, it's a great deal, especially considering this is roughly the same as the Japanese retail price.
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