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the color of this ink...
August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
the color of this ink is just amazing. however i am very disappointed because i cant use this ink with any of my fountain pens. it dries up on the pen too quickly, after a minute of writing notes, its skips and won't write anymore unless u wipe the nib or dip it in ink. I tought the problem was on the pen, until ive tried this ink on all of my fountain pens. it just wont work. Im so disappointed because ive bought the whole 30ml bottle of this unusable ink :( ..it might work in medium nibbed pens but I prefer fine or extra fine and this ink is not for that. I plan on reselling or returning this ink ive barely used
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I got mine in the mail...
June 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
I got mine in the mail today!! Hurriedly went and put ink to the converter and stuck it on the pen. At first, i was VERY dissapointed. The pen was writing horribly. It was very scartchy and skipped 80% of the time. I gave up after trying to getting it to write properly. I put it aside with the pen capped and nib down. After about 20 mins i tried it again and voila! It wrote like a dream with no skipping. I put on j herbin cafe des iles ink and i love it! This pen is my first non disposable fountain pen, ive been using platinum preppy and pilot petit 1 for half a year and i thought this pen would be worth a try, and it is! For only 16 dollars, this pen offers a lot. Sleek design and nicely etched nib and an aluminum barrel! Usually u can only get plastic barrelled f-pens with this amount of money! I highly recommend this awesome pen to fountain pen beginners :)
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just got this pen! omg...
February 3, 2012
just got this pen! omg it's so perfect! it's so cheap and nice for a decent fountain pen, it's really a steal. I used platinum converter for this and ink flows smoothly and nicely, no breaking! i will definitely buy more colors of this pen :) it's just amazing !
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i wonder if this will...
January 25, 2012
i wonder if this will work for Platinum preppy pens ???
ohh please please restock :)))
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