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High Quality clip for...
October 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
High Quality clip for the Kaweco Special Al Mechanical Pencil/Pen. Slides on perfectly and keeps you from losing your pen or pencil.
This pencil is awesome...
May 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
This pencil is awesome to write. Has perfect balance and diameter. The octagonal shape offers a much better grip, and you can write for hours without fatigue. The option chrome clip is a must making it easier to carry in your pocket.

I use a separate eraser always and do not care for built in erasers.
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I got this as a gift....
March 1, 2015
I got this as a gift. The slightly concave rubberized grip is very ergonomic. You can write for hours without fatigue. The pen has a nice heft to it, and is well balanced. I do not like to use the eraser in my mechanical pencils, esp., when you have such excellent block erasers available. Think of the built in eraser as an emergency eraser.
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This pencil is simply...
September 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pencil is simply awesome. It is better than the regular Mitsubishi Red/Blue pencil. Here are the things I like

- Darker and deep Blood Red than the Mitsubishi Red/Blue pencil
- Has a waxy smooth texture
- The lead is many times stronger

As the other reviewers say, I cannot express how superb this pencil is, Just Buy It!
Wow! what a difference...
May 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
Wow! what a difference from using a prismacolor carmine red color pencil. The lead is very smooth and NOT crumbly, the color is well saturated and what a joy to use.
Most of the sharpeners...
September 20, 2011
Most of the sharpeners like the Dahle 166 sharpen well but feature teeth that mangle the finish of the pencil. I was looking for a sharpener that is well built and would keep my Mitsubishi Uni's looking good. The KH-20 is a superb sharpener. The push the red button on the crank to toggkle between a sharp or blunt point. The crank mechanism is sturdy and very smooth with no perciptable play, the jaws are made of rubber coated grips that work well with round or hexagonal pencils. The spring that pushes the jaw is much better and stronger than more expensive sharpeners.

For pencil affectionados I say dont hesitate this the best sharpener hands down.
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Wow!!Fantastic!! What...
September 10, 2008
Wow!!Fantastic!! What else can I say. Mitsubishi Hi-Uni is the best of the best woodcase pencils. For just writing even the HB is ultra smooth and has a certain waxiness.

You will stop using regular woodcase pencils once you try these.
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