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Deleter paper is great!...
December 13, 2012
Deleter paper is great! It's good for both beginners(for it's measurement grids) as well as professional(for organizing). Th surface is smooth enough for pen lines to be drawn consistently and clearly, and weighted well enough to be used for durability and tracing over a light box. The only downside with this paper is that multiple pen strokes can scratch the paper, causing it to catch(give it 3 or 4, the paper starts to catch a bit), and some inks don't cooperate on the surface(used Higgins on this and the lines ended up being fizzy). However this paper is highly recommended for both the new and old manga/comic artist and makes drawing manga easier and more authentic!

G-Strike D.
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A great tool to use for...
December 13, 2012
A great tool to use for Beta(black spotting) as well as outlines. The lines it creates are mostly thick but you can get a somewhat decent thin line if you practice pressure with this. The only downside is that it seems to be pressure or humidity sensitive, causing the ink to run dry(I've encountered this with some new pens). however I do recommend shaking the pen to fix the problem a bit. One of the best properties of this pen however is that it's waterproof once dry so it's good for watercolors, I do remember it being compatible with Copics but really it's good for watercolors! Also excellent for Shodo,Korean, and Chinese calligraphy! Highly recommended but be sure to check the pen's condition first before use.

GStrike D.
Pentel Refill(Gray Body...
April 20, 2012
Pentel Refill(Gray Body with Water-based Waterproof Black Ink)

To put it simply: Awesome Black Ink! It dries as soon as it gets on the paper and doesn't run(it will if you constantly wash/rub/brush over it with water),BUT it's pretty waterproof! Get this refill if you plan on using the Pentel Standard Brush Pen as one of your primary tools!
So to close this short review: Looking for an ink refill that's black, dries fast, and waterproof? BUY THIS!!!!!!
Zebra Maru Pen Holder Durab...
February 7, 2012
Zebra Maru Pen Holder

Durable wood based nib holder and sized well enough to the point that you don't need a rubber grip to put on it. Round/Maru pens fit nicely into the slot and in my opinion writes better than the Nikko and Tachikawa free pen/round pen holders(with the nib on of course!). In closing, it's simple and it does the job well!
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Zebra Drafix Drafting...
November 6, 2011
Zebra Drafix Drafting Pencil-The Japanese Brother of the German(yet also made in Japan) Staedtler 925 05

Pros: Professional, thin, sleek design; instead of a rubber grip, it comes with a ribbed ABS plastic grip but it actually feels comfortable when writing with it, comes with a lead indicator that runs on a ratchet click joint to prevent sliding, eraser cover is tight, and tip is great so you can see lead length.

Cons: Aside from the fact that lead jams may occur and that it doesn't come with a cleaning needle, there's nothing else to nitpick about this pencil.

Verdict: Just like Staedtler 925 05,This pencil is a must buy and excellent to have in your stationery set! It's cheaper than 925 05 but performs just as well and the lead indication window makes a very satisfying click!

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Staedtler 925 Drafting...
November 6, 2011
Staedtler 925 Drafting Pencil,

Pros: Stylish and professional look, rubber ribbed grip designed for prolonged and ease of comfort use, Well designed tip so you can see lead tip length,comes with a lead cleaning needle in case a lead jam occurs(and this is a huge advantage this pencil has over other mech. pencils), and convenient lead indicator window so you know what grade of lead the pencil's using.

Cons(Nothing major, just nitpick): Occasional lead jams, but that's why the needle's there, the lead window and eraser cover tend to be loose and can be dislocated easily at times but that's not too much of a problem.

Highly Recommended! Get this pencil and don't shy away if you find it(be it here @ Jetpens or @ an art/office supply store)! If you want a pencil that has a good,comfortable grip as well as overall good performance, get this pencil without hesitation!

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Zebra Round Pen Type...
September 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
Zebra Round Pen Type A(Hard)

Zebra Round Pen Type A, as an important tool for Manga Artist, can this pen live up to it's G-Pen's sibling's repuation? Let's take a look. For people who have not used this pen or will be using this pen in the near future,the first time you use this, it will be hard to handle. Esp. if you're not used to using a mapping/or small tip pen, this pen really takes a while to get used to. The problem that most users will find is its tendency to scratch the paper and carry debris. However,I have noticed that after you find a certain angle with this pen, the problem won't occur as much. Also, another problem that people may run into is its resistance to flow. This will happen a lot! However it's still able to draw the line you want, but as mentioned before, this pen is a little difficult to handle,probably a little more than the G-Pen, but after you find the right angle for the pen tip to draw, the true function of the Zebra Type A Round Tip shows. By far from my handling of Comic Nibs, this pen makes the FINEST lines of any round pen I've tried(even more fine than Nikko, Deleter, and Tachikawa Round Nibs). For people who are obsessed with doing very small and extremely fine detailing, this pen is FOR YOU! Also this pen is capable of drawing even a thick line! Probably close to that of the G-Pen's capabilities! But for it's advantages, this pen is a must for any artist looking to work with a very good mapping/round pen! But be warned, there is a learning curve to using this and it will take a while to master the Type A Round Pen in order to get the satisfying result you want. When mastered, The Zebra Type A Round Pen does rival the G-Pen's reputation!
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Pilot Document Ink, according...
August 13, 2011
Pilot Document Ink, according to a poll in How to Pen and Ink, this is the third most popular ink used in Japan behind Pilot Drafting Ink(1st) and Kaimei China/Sumi Ink(2nd). So is this ink as good as the polls say?

Pilot Document Ink can be marketed by most retailers as the water resistant brother to Pilot Drafting Ink. Water resistant? Well if you know how to read Japanese, it is stated on the package that it is water pigment based. However when this ink dries, it actually becomes water resistant! Water resistant? What about waterproof? Apparently this ink can only stand up to about 2-3 brush strokes and after that it partially runs with the water. It's outlines remain intact(that is where the resistance part comes in) however, if you're using colored inks with this, it will make the pigment darker and more muddy. Therefore even though its outlines remain on the paper, part of the pigment will run, therefore making it only water resistant and not waterproof. Also it cannot stand up to erasers well. After about 3 eraser rubs, the lines start to significantly fade, even more so than its Water soluble Drafting Ink counterpart. However, what this ink has as an advantage over other waterproof inks that I've tried is that it's actually suitable to use and cooperates well with Copic Sketch! So even though it tends to make watercolor ink muddier, it seems to cooperate well with Copic Sketch's Super brush after it completely dries! Also this ink has a similar flow duration as Kaimei Lettering Sol, so thats another strong point about this ink. Would I recommend this ink? It depends on what you're looking for, if you color a lot with Copic Sketch, then yes, it's so-so with watercolors, but for heavy pressure eraser users, NO! But overall this is a good ink to use for manga!

Trivia: This is apparently Eiichiro Oda's Ink of choice!
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Updated review from Voltv/Gstr...
August 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
Updated review from Voltv/Gstrikedragon

Kaimei Lettering Sol. Don't let the name fool you haha, it's not just an ink to do calligraphy with, this is a really good ink to outline and beta your manga in! This ink is all around very good, and why is it the case? Let's find out.

Fresh out of the bottle, the ink dries to a matte finish, but after a few uses, I noticed that it dries to a semi matte, partial glossy finish. However, what makes this ink great is the fact that it is waterproof. Yes! You read it! WATERPROOF!!! A few brush strokes over a line will not cause it to fade or runaway(but excessive and hard brushstroking will cause it to run a little and damage the paper). However b/c of it's very strong waterproof property, it is suitable for watercolor/colored ink drawings(goes well with Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India Inks!). However, b/c it is strongly waterproof, where one property exceeds, another property also has to suffer and that is it's resistance to alcohol. DO NOT USE COPICS WITH THIS INK!!! Otherwise scan your image done with this ink and color that copy with Copics(^__^). Also as a final note, unlike IC Comic Ink and Kuretake Manga Black-both which are also waterproof and seem to have a stronger property than this ink, this ink keeps a longer flow compared to those inks. However, despite having a flow that's a little longer than those inks, it also dries at a satisfying, quick pace-and not at a super fast pace that would cause the ink to dry faster on the nib than on the paper! I highly recommend this ink for anyone who wants a waterproof outline/beta as as well as an ink that works well with watercolors/colored inks, but NEVER USE this ink with Copics! In closing, this is one of the best inks out there available for manga use!!!

Trivia: Takehiko Inoue of Slam Dunk and Vagabond fame uses this as his ink of choice.
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Zebra G-Pen, by far the...
August 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
Zebra G-Pen, by far the most popular of the G-Pen Nibs used in Japan. Is this just hype or is there a valid rason as to why the popularity of the Zebra G deserves the hype? When the nib is fresh out of the box, it has a distinctive hard,stiff touch comparible to that of the Tachikawa. Unlike the Tachikawa, however, this nib makes a far more variety of lines compared to that nib and despite the hard feeling, it doesn't feel stiff at all. The hardness is also a very good indicator that it is still very good to use, and also allows the finest lines that this G-Pen can make, similar to that of the MaruPen, however a little thicker than what Type A Hard-type Maru-Pen can make, but still at a satisfying thinness. As the pen gets used up, the stiffness disappears, indicating that the pen has a little more freedom in making varied lines a little easier but gradually loses the ability to make the Maru-Pen like thin lines, however it can still make thin lines when it is at a "medium used" stage. By this time the pen can be able to express thick lines much better and switch between variation with ease. I have also noticed that this pen can be used for a very long time, especially if you're using a strong waterproof ink like Kaimei Lettering Sol or Kuretake Manga Ink, if you constantly wipe the ink off with a solution or water. Awesome use-span! Let's say that it can last for a good 20 -30 pages if taken care of properly. In closing, the Zebra G-Pen is by far one of the best pens to use out there, especially if you're doing a manga and calligraphy, this pen is a must. It also pairs up with any ink, whether black or colored,waterproof or water-soluble, perfectly.
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