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I write notes everyday...
August 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
I write notes everyday and am very particular with the weight and diameter of my pens. My prior favorite pen was the Cross classic due to the weight, small diameter and build quality. After reading various blogs and seeking advice fromThe Pen Addict blog. I purchased this pen from Jet Pens and was extremely pleased with the Hi-Tec Cavalier.

If you work in a corporate setting, and want something better than the usual cheap plastic BIC pens, look no further. The gel ink dries fast, I haven't noticed any smearing and its super black.Take pride in your writing insrtument.

Furthermore, I recently went into a pen specialty shop to browse around, luckily I was carrying my pen in my shirt pocket and asked them for something compareable and they offered me a few Lamy which were decent, but I much preferred my Cavalier.
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