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Like others have mentioned,...
June 27, 2009
Like others have mentioned, the Petit1s are fun little fountain pens to use. They are very smooth in writing and made me want to use a fountain pen again (I hated the fact that most fountain pens I used had to be held a "certain" way or they would skip or get scratchy. I hate that, so I stopped using them and went to gel pens). For me, the ink seems to last a long time and like to sketch with them now and again and have a good amount of black cartridges to keep me happy.

The only thing I don't like about them is the ink. To me it's a bit too fluid and bleeds easily (though it may be the paper I used, but meh). I don't they are worth trying to refill the dinky cartridges with a different ink, but should be just kept as something to whip out of your pencil case/handbag/pocket/whatever to grab a quick sketch or note and brighten yours and other people's day!

Anyone who sees one wants one too. They're just this: CUTE! ^_^
These are excellent mechanical...
June 27, 2009
These are excellent mechanical pencils for those on a budget. I have quite a few of the Soft Blue as it is the perfect shade to act as a non repro/photo blue for animation and comics (and is now non exsistant in the UK unless you import). I plan to grab the Red next as that is easier to see when drawing all those frames! They are quite durable though I don't have a heavy hand, but many that do will be pleased that the leads won't break easily.

Pilot are correct in that they erase VERY WELL, and with any eraser at all. As long you're not too heavy on the pressure with the pencil, you won't even see anything when you erase it (as in a dent in the paper)!
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These (and the regular...
June 27, 2009
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These (and the regular colours) are excellent for crafts, in particular for me adding detail to my own resin cast figures. While it's true that they will write on any surface, depending on what it is, the ink will dry darker than it should be which is annoying (blues dry VERY dark on blue backgrounds, no matter if you were using the lightest shade).

A tip I found for working on plastic surfaces (like my epoxy and polyurenthane resins for example), is to put on a very thin film of clear acrylic varnish (try Krylon or Plasticote spray varnishes and for small areas, spray a bit into a cup and apply the liquid with a cotton bud/swab) and let it dry, then use the pens on that. Works wonders.

For other surfaces like metals, paper and such, the colours are very true. Before using, just start them off a little on a bit of paper (or press down on the nib to increase the flow) and they work great giving a nice thin, wet line. I would recommend them for crafters and anyone who has trouble with them doesn't REALLY know how gel pens work...

Grab them from JetPens while you can, as once I and many others start showing what they are truly capable of, they'll definitely fly off the shelves!
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