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I have had this pencil...
May 14, 2012
I have had this pencil for about 4 years now, and there are no flaws. I absolutely love it, it's one of my favorites in my case because since it is plastic, it does not get scratched like the uni ox-gel series. Also, it looks so sleek while you are writing. For some people that may be concerned about how squishy this pencil is, it is not nearly as squishy as the ox-gel series, however I find both amazing series. Overall definitely a need in all mechanical pencil lovers pencil cases!
I love this pencil very...
May 14, 2012
I love this pencil very much! I have lost it twice in the blue, and I am obsessive over the color blue, and my sister had one but is not as insane with mechanical pencils as I am, so she gave me hers. That was so nice of her! Only thing I would say that is bad about this pencil is that you have to have a certain type of lead in order for it to work entirely the way it is supposed to. If the lead is too soft, it will wear down before the rotation kicks in. However, the weight, size, mechanism, and styles are absolutely to die for! Definitely recommend this pencil, but make sure you get some extra lead; the correct type.
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How squishy is this ...
May 27, 2011
How squishy is this pencil???
Doesn't this pencil probably...
May 27, 2011
Doesn't this pencil probably get dirty with led and other dirt easily and then it looks gross??? Just wondering...
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very good pencil the...
December 15, 2010
very good pencil
the lead almost never breaks
I really like the twist up eraser when i am trying to finish a rushed test it is really good because the eraser never runs out!:)
(I also like pencils without erasers!)
in real life, the turquoise is a little bit darker than showns
sparkly!!! :)
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This eraser works really...
December 15, 2010
This eraser works really well. Almost as well as the mono's. The great thing it is for is for small writing mistakes like in math, or writing a word. The only thing that is bad about this eraser, is that when I first got it, I broke it. Their are two parts, and make sure you only pull off the very top part when first discovering how it works. When I took off the entire plastic part the eraser broke and will not go back together. Be careful!!!! Otherwise, that was my mistake... just good to have that out their for the next people who may buy this eraser and make the same mistake as me!!!...:)
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The only thing that I...
November 24, 2010
The only thing that I would say is bad about these is that they first of all don't hold a lot and secondly don't stand up well.
Whenever I am in a class taking a test or quiz they keep falling over and all the contents would fall out. Plus, it is distracting to you and the class and wastes your time!
The good part is that it can be convenient to see all your pens/pencils/supplies.
wow! This is cool technology...
November 18, 2010
wow! This is cool technology lead!
how squishy is the g...
June 6, 2010
how squishy is the grip?
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