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I wanted a bag that I...
June 4, 2013
Verified Purchase
I wanted a bag that I could use as an everyday purse as well as an art bag to carry supplies and sketchbooks. With all its organized pockets and deep main compartment, the Nomadic Wise-Walker is perfect for exactly that.

A previous reviewer gave a great description by saying it doesn't feel like you're carrying the bag-- it feels like you're wearing it. Most other shoulder bags might be bulky or sway clumsily, but the Nomadic Wise-Walker hugs close to the body, feeling stable and secure. Unlike most bags or purses, it doesn't feel awkward to reach down and open a pocket. It feels natural. There's no fumbling around for what you're looking for. And while other bags will sag or slump over when set down upright, this bag stands up easily by itself.

I've yet to carry my 15" macbook in it, so I can't comment much about the padding, or lack thereof, but I already own a separate padded case for added protection. So while I think the bag could handle carrying a laptop, it would be wise to pick up a case, to be on the safe side.

Natural. Functional. Wonderful. I'm very impressed with the Nomadic Wise-Walker, and I'd highly recommend it for artists, writers, students-- anyone who has a lot of items to carry, and want a highly organized bag that looks great and works great.
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I just recieved this...
May 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
I just recieved this pencil and I absolutely love it already. It has a nice feel when holding it, and it writes/draws so smoothly against the paper. Its light enough to be easily erased, but as someone mentioned before, the cap on the eraser is a little annoying to take on and off-- but that's such a minor issue. If you're looking for a good sketch pencil, I'd highly recommend this, in either light blue or the red. I plan on trying the other colors, too.
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