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It took me some time...
September 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
It took me some time to get used to this pen. I have sweaty hands and the smooth chrome grip was really difficult at first until I relaxed my death grip and held the pen more lightly. There always seems to be some confusion about how fine these pens will write. If you write under the foot (very tilted) it will write much thicker. If you write almost perpendicular to the paper you will get a very fine line.

I use Noodlers Apache Sunset in this pens and after my adjustment to it it has become one of my go to pens for my morning journaling. It is smooth as silk, and every bit of it fits perfectly together. The weight is also perfect - for such a heavy pen it doesn't tire you out. It really needs a light touch but once you find the right way to handle it the flow of perfect letters is never ending!

I love this pen!!!
I resisted these pencils...
September 1, 2010
I resisted these pencils for a long time because I had thought I had already found THE pencils for me. Oh foolish mortal....

They are hefty but not so much as to tired out my hand. The grip is perfect for my sweaty paws - it never slips! I never liked the squishy or rubbery grips even though I grip my writing utensils as if I am crushing their heads. The long tip is so much nicer for drawing and sketching - it gives me the distance I need (I like to hold my fingers far from the tip). I am surprised by how little the clip gets in my way. I love that the tip is retractable. I carry these with me everywhere, they take up so much less room than my other pencils, and I never have to worry about pencil marks in my bag or the leads breaking off.

These are very sturdy and well made and work smoothly. They have survived my purse and me so I know they will last!

I had really thought I would hate these but I have to say they are my go to pencils now. I have fallen entirely in love with them.
I LOVE these - I have...
September 1, 2010
Verified Purchase
I LOVE these - I have been using them constantly with my colored pencils and they are almost invisible because they are so light weight! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stock some more!!! I want to get about 20 of these so I don't have to keep switching out pencils!
OMG I LOVE these - I...
April 4, 2010
Verified Purchase
OMG I LOVE these - I am a notebook using fiend and these have me completely hooked - I'll never buy an American notebook again! The paper is amazing, the slightly smaller than letter size is perfect for fitting in my purse to carry everywhere and the line space is so nice and small - and I like it that way. Please - STOCK MORE!!!!
This is the most fun...
October 12, 2009
This is the most fun ink - it really does look like mecurochrome (oh I can't spell it) that stinging pinkish orange stuff we got smeared on us in the 70's. Especially if you wet it a bit just after writing with it. This makes a fantastic sketching a drawing ink because of the shading possibilities - orange lines with pinkish washes. I just love it!

It write very well as well!
Okay I am a bit biased...
October 12, 2009
Okay I am a bit biased because I simply adore this pen. I have about 48 of them wandering about in my house and I use them for everything. I am particularly attached to the fine points because I write small and these are great for that.

They seem very clunky but the thickness is a bonus if you use them for hours on end. The ink writes very smoothly and frankly these pens never dry out! I can't tell you which ones I have that I bought ten years ago or which ones I bought last month.

Even better they are refillable but it is so dang hard to get the refills which is really dumb because these are also incredibly durable pen bodies. The only thing that has problems is the end cap. If you post the cap of the pen too tightly it may break off the back end which has happened to me several times. This is a testament to the seal you get on the cap.

The rubber grip is just soft enough and grippy enough to be comfortable but it's not squishy. I find I am surprised with myself that I simply cannot write with the squishy ones - and I so want to! The long point on these give you great visibility and control and these actually make great sketch pens because of the control and the quality of the ink. I draw a lot with these pens - they shade really well which is hard with ball point pen inks.

And it's good for spinning once you mod it and it's really easy to mod! I filled mine with glitter...

As a writing instrument these are really a high quality disposable pen. They are fantastic for sketching and if you are a writer of tiny printing like me they are the BEST! Give them a try - you really won't be disappointed!
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I was really surprised...
October 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
I was really surprised that I was actually slightly disappointed with this pencil considering how much I loved the lead holder. The quality of the pencil is fine but I guess it's all little picky things that added up to "this is annoying"

First is the entire end cap assembly. The little nut at the top unscrews to let you change the lead indicator. You cannot move the lead indicator unless you loosen this and it comes off all too easily. Not good in your bag if you tend to carry your pencils loose. Second, I had to wrestle with getting the eraser cap off and for a moment I panicked thinking I wasn't supposed to get it off. But Jetpens has GREAT pictures of everything so I was reassured that yes, it does come off. Difficult but it does come off and it does not go back on easy.

I do like the feel of the pencil in my hand. The textured grip is very comfortable and your fingers don't get tired holding it. I like that you can adjust the amount of lead that comes out. But I have to say this is more of gimmick than something really worth getting. Keep in mind I am a mad clicker with pencils so the length of lead is really not that important to me, but it is a nice function. If you like to control the length of your lead you will like this very much.

It really is a lovely pencil to look at at it feels good in the hand. I find that the pieces that you need to move around and adjust don't work smoothly or well, and the lead length adjustment just isn't worth the annoyance of the eraser end assembly annoyance. I am taking one star off for the annoying bits, but I am giving it 4 because over all it is still a very well made and nice pencil. If you want to control your lead length this is worth it - if not there are other pencils that are a better value for your money.
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The Japanese RULE!!!!...
October 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
The Japanese RULE!!!! I bought this one and the Campus spiral bound (see my review for the blue one) and I am in love with these. I balked a bit at the price I have to admit, but once I got these in my hands I realized they are so worth it.

1) The paper - smooth, light and fairly bleed proof. My fountain pens thank you!
2) The Binding - no matter where you open this notebook it will lay flat with minimal pressure
3) The Flippy Edges (my terminology) - I can't quit doing it! It does make it so much easier to navigate your pages AND you can annotate on the "tabs". Oh the OCD is just coming out with this one! The whole notebooks has such a delightful floppiness to it because of the quality of the paper.

I like the size - it's 7" x 10" which makes it perfect to get in a smaller bag, but still big enough to do some serious writing. The 6mm rules are slightly narrower than most of the college lined notebooks I have and I like that very much because I write small.

Now I have a caveat - I prefer spiral bound because I like to fold my notebooks in half when working in them. These you can't really do that with. However, I find that these will work GREAT for classes, note taking and anything in which I need to classify my pages because of how you can navigate and the fact that you can label or color code the tabbed edges to find your information more quickly. So keep that in mind if you're like me and like to work with your notebooks folded back. If you like working with them open flat this is the notebook for you!

YES!! it is worth every penny!
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You think to yourself...
October 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
You think to yourself "Self? Would you pay $19 for a notebook?" Not if it was one you could get a Staples. American notebooks are basically cheap nasty paper only good for ball point pens - you can't use fountain pens in them. But wait! If you buy a pack of five you pay a little over $10 each. Still steep? NO!!

I journal every morning (well I try to) and I love to write with my lovely Lamy foutain pens filled with Noodler's inks. I've been writing in a Mead top spiral bound for years because they USED to be great notebooks. They are about $5 each and I have a pile of them. I'm also doing a lot of writing and I just generally use notebooks for lists, ranting and ideas.

I use a lot of notebooks.

I opened this notebook and ran my hand over the page. SILK!! I rubbed a page between my fingers and it's so thick and sturdy I almost cried. The line spacing was so small - I write very small and this is PERFECT! (I always buy college rule and it's still not small enough - this is perfect! Oops - said that already) I got my juiciest fountain pen that bleeds right through the Mead paper and tired it out. You could only see it from the other side if you held it up to some light.

I also use a lot of sketchbooks and prefer to work in 7x9 sizes. This is a little bit bigger than that and it would fit in my bag perfectly unlike my big honking letter size + spiral Mead. The cover folds back easily and you can work in this notebook with it folded in half, you are not forced to work flat. The wire is actually comfortable up against your hand (I hate having my hand on the spiral when I am writing on the left hand page thus why I use top bound notebooks). If I could get this in top bound I would be in heaven, but this is very minor.

Would I pay $10-12 for a notebook like this? You bet - I'm buying the five pack today. Sorry Mead - you just went bye bye!
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What a great, simple...
October 6, 2009
Verified Purchase
What a great, simple pencil case! It holds a generous amount of writing utensils, and I love that the zipper loops around and snaps onto the body to make it easy to carry. The snap is very secure but I haven't tested it fully loaded. Very well made, smooth zipper and it opens up very wide to make it easy to find your favorite pencil! It's really a great buy!
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