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Just wrote a review for...
March 8, 2014
Just wrote a review for the non-biz-colors Quatro,
which I also gave 3 stars because of the following:
- good action with these wide buttons: hold their click
- barrel/grip is 5-star design: slim and comfortable
- blue/red inks are very smooth and skip very little
There is much room for improvement, though:
- green ink is better than most ballpoints but too light
- black ink needs to be more vivid and less burpy
- clip is tight; would be better if spring-action type
Unlike previous reviewers, I found green sub-standard
and, once tightened, the barrel does not unscrew itself.
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I could not give this...
March 8, 2014
I could not give this more than 3 stars because
- the ink flow is inconsistent, sometimes 'burping'
- the green ink is too light to see and skips a lot
- the red waxy tip seals leave a lot of residue
I gave it 3 stars after considering the following
- the pen body is sturdy, sleek, and not too wide
- the grip is flush with the barrel and very comfy
- the wide buttons hold well and have nice action
Overall, the Quatro is a decent pen for the price,
far better ink and style than the Pentel Rolly C4,
but I am still searching for a ballpoint multi with
green ink that is readable and does not skip/burp.
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This is truly beautiful...
December 17, 2013
This is truly beautiful ink, and I can't wait for R&K's two iron gall inks to be back in stock at JetPens (please?). It should be noted, for those not familiar with iron gall inks (IGIs): they are more acidic than traditional OTC ink, thus they can damage your fountain pens if you leave them inside. To avoid corrosion, simply rinse your pen or other instrument after using IGI. If you've refilled a cartridge with this ink, remove the cartridge and rinse your pen thoroughly. I prevent my cartridges from drying out by stopping the opening with a bit of kneaded rubber eraser. Store them upright in a repurposed cream container, such as Neutrogena or Origins. The lid further prevents exposure to air, and you can add a bag of cheap beads to keep one or two upright if you do not own enough cartridges to prevent them tipping over. Better yet, reuse the cute yet functional tin provided with a pack of 6 J. Herbin cartridges. Bleu Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not Blue) is lovely and in stock now at JetPens!
This review addresses...
December 17, 2013
This review addresses crystallization mentioned by other reviewer: crystallized salts may form when this ink is exposed to air. If you use a fountain pen with a poor-sealing cap, or are dipping a nib and then letting it sit out, the water in the ink will evaporate and leave the crystals. The inside of your pen should be fine since it is not exposed to the air. Rinsing your pen's tip with water should remove the crystals easily. If you're wondering about iron gall inks (IGIs), only two of the 18 colours offered in this line are IGIs: Scabiosa and Salix. IGIs have been used since the middle ages, so be sure to buy those two when JetPens restocks them -- you will be making history of your own! =)
GOOD: perfect grey hue...
November 5, 2013
GOOD: perfect grey hue | barrel won't roll | eye-catching | slim design without clip | durable nib
BAD: water-based ink will bleed thru cheap paper (like generic legal pads and lined school paper)
UGLY: this is a beautiful pen that is the embodiment of function and design -- nothing ugly about it

Do you love the light grey hue achieved when writing with the hard lead of a 0.5mm mechanical pencil but hate the scratchiness and smearing of lead? BUY THIS PEN! It's RIDICULOUSLY INEXPENSIVE for such a LONG-LASTING pen that DOESN'T DRY OUT when left uncapped for a few hours. Its ink doesn't smear and it's super comfortable to hold, so don't be surprised that it'll be the pen you turn to for sketching, note-taking, subtle underlining, and discreet doodling during long meetings. Invest in better quality paper, such as one finds in the classic Black n' Red notebook series, and you'll find this pen is a MUST-HAVE: buy one for your backpack or purse, another for your pen tin, and a few more as backups: even your most trusted colleagues will end up taking it. For those who care, the ink is a cool grey but visible despite its light tone. If Staedtler Triplus fineliners are your thing, know that their grey is not as easy to read, and other colors they offer are too light in my opinion. If you buy more Stabilo Point 88 fineliners, however, the only one not easy to read is yellow. Even better, Stabilo's Colorkilla pen set (sold here!) offers erasable inks.
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GOOD: flexible yet durable...
November 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
GOOD: flexible yet durable tip | long-lasting | perfect barrel size | secure cap with slight edge to prevent rolling
BAD: NONE (worth mentioning this is water-based ink: will show overlaps but doesn't bleed thru paper and no odor)
UGLY: NONE, unless you abhor glitter and clutter: barrel is sparkly and bears a lot of print on side opposite of logo

This was one of my first purchases from JetPens yet the brush nib shows no wear (no fraying at all, writes like it did
on the first day out of the bubble envelope!). Add realistic, beautiful shadowing, and build up the shading to your
heart's content...plus feel confident that even if Kuretake offered 50 shades of grey, you'd still pick this one (ha ha).
GOOD: comfy grip | secure...
November 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
GOOD: comfy grip | secure click-down | pretty
BAD: writing quality | ink viscosity | lightweight
UGLY: might as well buy a classic BIC 4-color

If you like Pentel's RSVP line, don't expect that
level of quality from this pen. The black ink isn't
as dark as an RSVP, nor smooth (BIC is better),
and if you're seeking a ballpoint with green ink
that is not skippy or faint, keep looking. Finally,
the price is far too high for what you're getting:
cheap feel, poor ink flow...all it has is good looks.
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