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Reviews Written by roqz

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Staedtler Pencil Holder - Silver - STAEDTLER 900 25
  An expensive accessory..., April 30, 2013
An expensive accessory but once I had it on my hands I knew why.

First, note that it works with pencils with a length of up to 10cm. Unless you want to have a protruding and large pencil.

The pencil is secured with a mechanism similar to those used in a drill to secure drill bits, and the eraser uses a screw top system too, you turn it clockwise to show the eraser little by little, very sophisticated.

And of course, it is lightweight, it might add just the required weight to a wooden pencil to convert it into a balanced writing utensil. Very useful to write comfortably with the last bits of those pencils laying around the house.
Lamy M41 Pencil Lead - 0.5 mm - HB - LAMY LM41
  Very hard on the paper..., April 30, 2013
Very hard on the paper and light lines. It is biased towards an H grade lead, I prefer leads that feel hard and won't break but that will write softly and with dark lines. My personal favorite are the Uni Nano Dia leads.

Standard cheap case with only 12 leads. Very expensive for what it provides. I really like Lamy products (Those were my introduction to the world of pens), but these leads disappointed me.
Monami Super Gel-Q Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Black - MONAMI SUPER GQ 04 BK
  A bit thinner than expected..., April 30, 2013
A bit thinner than expected from a 0.4mm line, and it scratches the paper. Sometimes it skips. The form factor is the same as other models from Uni (Signo) and Pilot (Hi-Tec) with a rubber grip. I would recommend the other brands.
Sun-Star Paper Stitch Lock Stand Staple-Less Stapler - Bamboo Green - SUN-STAR S4766385
  Interesting novelty item,..., April 30, 2013
Interesting novelty item, gave it away as a gift but not before having a demonstration. Effectively staples securely about three pages without much effort, and those kept hold together in an impressive way.
Uni Kuru Toga Pencil Lead - 0.5 mm - HB - Black Case - UNI U05203HB.24
  Soft on the paper, but..., April 30, 2013
Soft on the paper, but seems to be a hard lead, well balanced just like expected from an HB lead. The case opens with a small half twist around an helical ridge, just like a screw. The case cap has a small dent that helps to prevent the case to roll and fall. Works great on the Kuru Toga, but, well, almost all leads do.
Stad Compass with Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm - Silver - STAD SP001SV
  Great compass, metal..., April 30, 2013
Great compass, metal construction and the addition of a mechanical pencil makes it even better. Would have loved to have one twenty years ago in the math lessons. But from time to time I still need to draw a circle, so, here it is the tool for that.
Kum Automatic Brake Long Point 2 Step Pencil Sharpener + 2 Spare Blades - Red - KUM 105.30.21
  Just sharpened three..., April 30, 2013
Just sharpened three pencils without filling the case, the result is a long and great point.
Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Light Blue - PILOT LFBK-23EF-LB
  Nice color, I didn't..., April 30, 2013
Nice color, I didn't like the black FriXion ink (Looks like a pencil...), but this one is appropriately described and produces a nice not so bold line, just adequate.
Uni Color Pencil Lead Variety Pack - 0.5 mm - UNI 0.5-255C MIX
  Very soft, towards the..., April 30, 2013
Very soft, towards the B spectrum of pencil leads, just like a color wooden pencil, so besides the novelty factor of color leads for a mechanical pencil, these aren't very useful if you already have a set of color pencils.
Zebra JF-0.4 Gel Ink Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Blue Black - ZEBRA RJF4-FB
  Zebra produces very nice..., April 30, 2013
Zebra produces very nice gel inks, I really like these refill for using in their Sarasa Clip or other similar pens. This one renders a beautiful deep and dark blue black color.
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