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Finally a correction...
May 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
Finally a correction tape that you can count on. This is the first of its kind that I have had no problems with, the first to be able to use the full reel of tape. I have had no problems with it twisting, unwinding, or simply not working. It is the first that is easy to guide and comes out with ease. I was expecting the worst (or at least the same as the others I have used, which happens to be many) and was delivered the best. The tape stays down and holds up well writing over it. I have not tried pencil but all types, brands, styles, colors, and sizes of pen, have been no problem.

If you use correction tape then you will not want to wait any longer before ordering this product. I can assure you there is non-other like it on the market (at least in the US) I have tried every style from the leading brands as well as all of the generic office supply store brands, and obviously I have tried all of the other brands jet pens offers. I will say it is not as cute as the birdie but it works much better.
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Jetpens offers a wonderful...
May 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
Jetpens offers a wonderful array of highlighters to choose from. I have had the pleasure of using every single one (to date except for the new Monami they added this week which is what I am ordering now) and love most of them. The Tombow Kay coat happen to be my least favorite. While I understand why some people will love them for nice color selection or even the quality of ink and the decent flow they produce. But the aspect I dislike about them can't make up for their positive qualities in my opinion. The tips are surrounded by metal to reinforce them I guess but it makes it so you have to be at a very precise angle in order to make a decent line. It makes it very challenging to enjoy using.

One of the great things about these highlighters is they are refillable. Jetpens does not carry the charging stations as of now and I am not sure if they ever will but they are out there. If you are familiar with the Staedtler Textsurfer refilling sysetm they sell on this site it is very similar to that. While I am not suggesting you should purchase other items from a competitor that Jetpens carries I do think it is ethical to suggest Writers Bloc as the store you can get refills to these highlighters. I am also OK suggesting that here becasue you would be crazy to buy anything else from there due ti their outrageous shipping charges, limited choice in products, and delayed shipping times. All of which Jetpens does perfectly. However you can at least use them to get your refill stations.
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This is a very cool paper...
March 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is a very cool paper clipper. I see other people would like to see how it works. The machine is great for clipping papers you don't need to remove from often. Once clipped you need to re-use the machine if you want to clip it again. Very secure attachment
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I love these markers...
March 23, 2012
I love these markers and they are not worthy of one star. The reason I have marked this particular item one star is due to the price. If you buy them individually instead if this pack of 6 they cost $1.75. If you purchase this pack of six (your crazy or an idiot) they are $2.92 each.

$1.75x6= $10.50

6 pack

You pay an extra $1.15 per pen if you buy this pack.
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I think these gel highlighters...
March 23, 2012
I think these gel highlighters are pretty worthless. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 becasue they might be great for bible type of paper, I haven't tried it myself but I can imagine from the way they perform that it might be a great use for these.
You might want to forgive...
March 19, 2012
You might want to forgive the first review where they complain about something to do with a retractable nib. DUDE IT IS $2.00 Fricken dollars what do you expect? This is penny for penny the best mechanical pencil on jet pens, but again it is only 2 bucks so don't expect high craftsmanship and superb engineering. What you can expect is a good looking, fun design, in a pencil that is good to hold and writes very well, and I will add has a retractable tip.

IT IS 2 BUCKS so it is not going to take a beating so the reviewer who complains about it not being able to take a ton of abuse, use your brain when deciding what purpose something is designed for. It is not fair to rate items 2 stars becasue it breaks when it is not designed to take a bunch of abuse. If it were it would be higher priced. Come on people get it together. I understand most of you are under 12 years old but I expect more out of you judgment than this.
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Let me ask you if you...
March 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
Let me ask you if you would purchase a mechanical pencil that was cute, unique design, works flawlessly, quite comfortable to hold, and offered .5mm lead and it was only $4.00?

If you answered yes I suggest you get 2 of these so you have different color to use for fun. WOW for $2.00 this is penny for penny the best pencil on Jetpens guaranteed. Many $5.00 don't compare to this. It would be nice if they would carry all of the colors on the section picture but hey at least they have the few colors they do. I would pick a couple up if I were you before they are all gone and never come back.
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A great ink for dipping...
March 14, 2012
A great ink for dipping pens. I never knew there would be such a difference using the right kind of ink instead of typical fountain pen inks with dip pens. Nice bright yellow.

I would also like to point out that there is one other review and the person had never used the product and has nothing to add in order to help you make an informed buying decision. Instead they did damage to a perfectly great product from an equally great company. The rating system is now meaningless for this product becasue it is a 5 star product and will be rated 4 stars at best.

*It is important for people to understand what the review process is for. If you do not understand why on line retailers have this feature I advice you take some time to learn about the philosophy. It is not a difficult concept to understand and it has the potential to be very helpful to consumers especially of new products they are thinking about trying. Please take it serious and respect the rest of the community by not leaving anything other than honest reviews of products you have personally had experience with. There is not other reason for anything else to be written and rated in the review section anywhere on Jetpens. They have awesome customer service and are very responsive to emails. SO if you need something just email them and I promise you it will be dealt with much quicker than writing on the review board.
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You should be able to...
March 14, 2012
You should be able to trust the reviews you read but unfortunately so many people spoil the system with erroneous statements, flawed understanding of the customer review process, and arbitrarily writing reviews. I beg of all the people who love purchasing products on Jetpens to please respect this process. It has the potential to make everyone's experience more pleasurable and feel more secure when buying products they have never used before. It is not difficult to leave a review that helps the process. make sure to hit these few points and it is a successfukl review
1.) You have personally used the product. (not read about it or had a friend tell you how much they like it)
2.) You used the product for the purpose the product was designed for and are basing your opinion on that use.
*example would be to not like and give a bottle of ink that is not superposed to be used for fountain pens, a terrible review because it sucked in your Lamy Safari. That is not the fault of the product and your review would not accurately represent the product.
3.)You are actually reviewing the product and not requesting them to restock a product. This is completely unacceptable. I had never seen anything like it before I started shopping on Jetpens. It ruins the rating system completely therefore wasting the time of anyone else who has written a review for that product and it makes it unusable to the consumer for assistance in decision making.
*Jetpens has a special button to request restocking issues. Please use the correct website features for their intended purposes. This is a community where everyone should be respected and treated the same.

If you do those things I am sure you will be helping the community instead of harming. One final piece of advice is if your going to leave factual information be sure you are correct. You are welcome to any opinion and that is respectable even if one disagrees, but when what you are saying is right or wrong, do your best to make sure your are passing along correct information

I do not usually comment on other peoples reviews in this format so please excuse me this one time. She writes "I would rank them with Noodlers inks in quality, but easier on the wallet" and this is not a very accurate statement. It is actually completely off base. The price of this bottle (all prices refereed to from this website) $9 for 30ml which equals 30 cents per ml. The price for most regular bottles of Noodler's ink is $12.50 for 90ml. I think you an see with out the math how much cheaper this is than our previous example, but we will do it anyway.

$9.00/30ml=30 cents per ml

Noodler's ink
$12.50/90ml=14 cents per ml

You pay double , more than double for J.Herbin.

I am not saying that is a bad thing becasue almost every J. Herbin ink I have used I love. I think generally speaking their inks offer more shading the any other brand (not including Pilot iroshizuku which is also in another league speaking of cost). Moon dust purple is one of the colors of J. Herbin that I find unique to their brand. Which is saying a lot about anything the color of purple.

One of the things I love most about writing with fountain pens is using bottled ink and I especially love all of the different bottles. J. Herbin bottles are really cool and offers a pen rest just above the front label.
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Along with the other...
March 10, 2012
Along with the other reviewers of this ink I have only praise. I have tried to find all the documentation I can from the company about their inks and have come up with a few different documents. Not a single note in any of them about how their inks are water proof or fade resistant. They do not make those claims about the ink they produce. I bring this to your attention becasue another reviewer docked a star for those issues or lack thereof with this ink. But I think it is of the utmost importance to review a product based on the intentions of which it is designed. Knowing that the company intended on making ink resembling the techniques of times past and therefore getting a much nicer product and far more pleasurable writing experience than many of the modern inks that claim to last a million years with out fading and can last through a white water rafting trip. Anyway, my point is this product is everything it claims to be and even more. I do believe it to be as close to a perfect brown as I have found in any fountain pen ink (which is a lot of different brands I have tried). For less than $9 and a 50ml bottle this is a steal. Five stars all the way.

I was thinking of also writing IMO after all my points of interest in my review. But I realized that I am writing a review of a product which inherently states my opinion. There should never be anything other than my opinion in a review I write (other than facts or other opinions to compare yours to). Am I the only one who finds it strange that many times reviewers will let us know IITO with the cleaver IMO or better yet IMHO. I mean they should really save all of that energy from typing the few letters, they were already saving so much by not typing the full words, thank god... Just sayin!

I must be feeling extra cantankerous tonight. Sorry if I have offended anyone with my silly joking around. And please realize the review part of my ranting is the important part and I was completely serious with the comments I wrote in that regard.
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