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This pen has rapidly...
August 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen has rapidly become my go-to carry pen in my collection. It writes practically the instant it touches paper, regardless of the circumstances. I've taken it on numerous surveys and field trips for work and leisure, and in the wet, the cold, and the heat, it's delivered on being able to write practically everywhere. Admittedly, it's not as universally consistent with more expensive pens such as the Fischer Space Pen and variants, with the line flagging a bit in the more extreme conditions, but given the price, I'm not afraid to use the pen for fear of damaging or losing it!

Sizewise, it's a little bulkier than it's narrower 0.5mm cousin. But it has a much more substantial grip to it than those pens, which makes the pen easier to hold in my larger-sized hands. The plastic body is fairly tough, and will take a good deal of abuse, though I've had the clip snap on one pen after an ill-advised attempt to hook the pen over too many pages in a notepad.

Also, in regards to performance in the wet, I would say that the thinner gauge can make things a bit easier to tear on cheaper paper, so if you expect to write a lot in damp conditions, you may want to look at the 1.0mm version, instead.

In fact, if you invest in this pen, you'll probably want to buy at least 2 or 3 at a time. I can guarantee you, people will try to walk off with the pen. I've even had a police officer try to take one from me, after he spent a frustrated night at a cold accident scene, trying to fill out paperwork with a half-dozen other ballpoints that just wouldn't work. (I ended up giving it to him - remember what I said about buying 2 or 3?)
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Very impressed with this...
May 10, 2013
Verified Purchase
Very impressed with this pen! Just got away from an extended note - filled meeting, and feel great at this purchase. The pen in its closed state is fairly compact and slim. The pen opens to a fairly long length that definitely doesn't feel very cramped or overly compact, which makes it easier to handle for my larger hands despite how slender the body is. The weighting is solid, but despite that, the pen remains quite flickable and light around the balance point - a feature I've found with many pens in the Ohto lineup.

Writing is quite smooth and easy, thanks to the standard Ohto ink cartridge. The pen responds well to a light touch, but the spring responds well to a heavy touch. The ink flows well, but be careful with thinner papers - a heavy hand may lead to a little bleed.

Finally, as to the caps - I've found remembering the following points helpful. In setting the cap, first, remember that the cap sits precisely 180 degrees from how it sits on the other end. If you flip the barrel 180 degrees, it lines up precisely. Second, the easiest way to center the cap on the post is to tuck the silver - colored flange flush to the chrome silver post, and push the cap into place.
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