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I tried the Lihit loose...
November 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
I tried the Lihit loose leaf system because of the ease of opening the rings, but the paper wasn't as good as I'd expected and the range was very limited. So I bought this punch hoping to make my own refills with better paper. It was a great disappointment; it leaves chads on most papers, but it doesn't perforate lightweight paper properly at all. I've now given up on the Lihit system as a result of this.

It works more or less okay with Kokuyo and more robust papers, if you're willing to fiddle around removing chads, but it doesn't work at all with lightweight paper like Tomoe River. The problem seems to be that the cutting edges on the punch aren't continuous and smooth, but more like teeth – and that's exactly what it looks like when you remove the paper. It looks as if it's been chewed, not punched out. The punch teeth don't penetrate cleanly at all despite being metal – they leave a perforated, stretched outline. I made sure the punch "bit" right through the paper and snapped shut, so it's not a matter of applying too little pressure. It simply doesn't do the job properly.

I've used all kinds of punches with Tomoe River, from Circa to the lightweight portable Filofax one (which is entirely plastic) but the Lihit is the only punch that has failed miserably. It can't punch clean holes in a single sheet of 50gsm paper, and it struggles with other papers. If you're thinking of buying this to do more than the occasional sheet of something like 80gsm - 100gsm paper, I'd advise against it.
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Try this paper just...
November 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
Try this paper just once if you want to understand why it has a cult following. It's lightweight (akin to airmail, bank, or layout paper if you want a comparison) so it might not be to your personal taste, but it's especially good with fountain pens and shows off FP inks to their best advantage, and with no feathering or bleed. (In my experience, anyway, and I use some very saturated inks.) I've bought a lot of Tomoe River over the last couple of years in both white and cream from various sources, both loose and bound into books, and it's never disappointed me. Despite being lightweight, it's robust enough to withstand hole-punches and daily use in ring binders; my bog-standard HP printer handles it with ease; it accepts inkjet printing well; I can make it into stitched notebook refills or glued pads; and it's a wonderful tactile experience to write on. Yes, it's delicate, so it rumples more easily than regular paper if you're not careful, and if you can't tolerate any show-through then it's not for you, but if that doesn't put you off, then you'll probably love this paper with a passion. I bought it originally because I needed a high page count without thickness, and everything else from bank and bible paper to airmail paper in the right size and colour was proving too hard to source, but now I buy it as much for the sheer pleasure of using it as its practical advantages. Treat yourself to a pack!

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I had a two-week wait...
January 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
I had a two-week wait for this bag (I don't live in the US) and when the Parcelforce man handed me the tiny, featherweight box, my heart sank. I suspected I'd ordered the wrong item. When I took it out of the packaging, the bag looked even smaller and I was steeling myself to the fact that I might need to return it. I really didn't believe it would take an A4 pad or a 13 inch laptop, let alone both. But it swallowed absolutely everything I loaded into it -- 13" laptop, several pads, A4 documents, pens, iPad, make-up bag, chargers, phone, snacks, and more -- with room to spare. It even took a Rhodia size 19 top-bound pad and its plastic cover, which is at least an inch longer than A4. I compared it to my other laptop bags (notably a Superdry one I bought recently) and they're much bulkier and yet only accommodate a fraction of the items that I can get into this bag with ease. The compartments are easy to access, and I can live with the Velcro noise. I took the precaution of spray-waterproofing it before taking it outside because I'd read reviews that suggested it might be showerproof but not rainproof, but that's probably my worry-gland working overtime. It sits close to the body so you can move through a train or plane easily - no smacking other passengers in the face with your bag as you struggle down the aisle. In other words - good design, and worth every penny. If they expand the colour and material range in this style, I'll be back for more.
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