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Reviews Written by friendlywasp

May 19, 2014
Be careful with these...
Verified Purchase
Be careful with these adhesive notes. The adhesive is very sensitive, and once you remove it from a surface there is a lot of doubt that it will stick to anything else. The paper is thin, so do not write on it with anything that tends to bleed.
Advice is to use it in books, and not as simple memo notes like you'd stick on open surfaces.
They're very cute, though, and catch the eye very easily with their vibrant color.

May 19, 2014
I expected a normal pencil...
Verified Purchase
I expected a normal pencil sharpener, but upon arrival this sharpener proved its worth to me.
It sharpens incredibly well. So well that if I'm not too careful around the pencils I've sharpened I might poke a hole or two in my hand!
For the more finicky of users I'd be careful when you use the door to empty shavings. Some of them can get inside of the wheel mechanism and bum around in there for quite a while. If you want to be sure the door doesn't get stuck, I'd advise to blow inside of it very carefully. You might get shavings in your eyes if you're not careful!
Altogether this product is very satisfying, and worth the price.