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These brush pens definitely...
May 21, 2010
These brush pens definitely have their pros and cons.


-Excellent Blending (with water & the other colors)
-Great Brushes (that are not too soft or hard and they're not imitation foam brushes)
-Light Weight/Travel Friendly (I take them anywhere and everywhere)
-No Odor/No Mess


-No light-fastness (this is a HUGE deal-breaker for me)
-Not meant for large artwork (painting an entire 8/11" page will be T-E-D-I-O-U-S!)
-Little Ink (For the price you would expect the chambers to be full of ink!!! If I knew
that these were just glorified markers with brush tips on the ends I would have
just settled for Crayola Brand.)

Final Judgement:

These pens allow me to PAINT (actually paint!!!) without the mess and can be used/taken anywhere. While I have my complaints about these pens, I cannot put them down!!! Although these pens will not fully replace an actual water color and brush set, they are so convenient that at the moment I use nothing else!!!
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These are very good scissors...
May 7, 2010
Verified Purchase
These are very good scissors that cut VERY well. At first it seemed as though getting used to the spaghetti strap handles would be impossible, however after using it a while you no longer notice it, and they feel like normal scissors in the hand. The only downfall to these scissors is that the blades are NOT long enough!!!

However, it clips perfectly into the pen compartment of my messenger book bag, so I will never have to worry about losing it, unlike my other pair of scissors which I lost twice.

overall a good investment
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I bought these gorgeous...
December 17, 2009
Verified Purchase
I bought these gorgeous pencil-pens specifically for note taking after reading reviews which stated that its ink was much more vibrant then the other frixion pens and that the eraser was on the cap so that you didn't have to take the cap off every time you needed to erase and thereby risk losing the cap.

Although these pencil pens erase better than the best pencils and leave virtually no trace behind (giving me the best notes I have ever written in my life) they are not designed for note taking since the ink runs out way to rapidly to be used as note taking pens.

I have spent so much money running through over 20 of these pens during the course of one semester, when I could have just bought generic pens colored pens and white out...

They are still brilliant pens, but should NOT be used for note taking as you will regret all the money your wasting for something as trivial as pens.
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